Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Islam's Dangerous and Absurd Realities !

I recently watched a video of a sheikh warning Muslims against disregarding Muhammad's ''sunna'', or the rules and customs the prophet prescribed for Muslims. To support his point, he read a hadith wherein Muhammad told Muslims: ''When you wake up from sleep to pray, wash your hands before you put them in the wudu water for the purpose of salah (formal prayer), for you do not know where your hands have spent the night.'' Then the sheikh told about a man who, upon hearing Muhammad's words, had deridingly said, ''What, am I not going to know where my own hand has been?'' According to the sheikh, the next morning his man ''woke up to find his arm - from hand to elbow -- shoved up his anus.''

The moral of the story?  The sheikh stressed the authoritative source of this absurd anecdote, Sharh Sahih Muslim, and read its closing warning: ''Thus let the mortal fear Allah and not make light of the sunna -- for see what happened to this man for rebelling and mocking the words of the Prophet?'' There is a reason why Islam's guardians -- past and present -- always threaten Muslims to take the sunna seriously: because Muhammad said any number of bizarre or perverse things that naturally provoke abhorrence, if not laughter. It was like he and Gabrielle had a good time smoking or sniffing something thinking up crazy rules for his growing number of followers.

Let us examine just one: the Muslim notion of adult breastfeeding, or rida' al-kabir in Islam, which started when Mohammad commanded a woman to breastfeed a grown man. This is because it was a grave sin for a woman to be in the same room with a non-family male, so to avoid the sin of ''khulwa'', she literally had to have him suckle her breast to make him a defacto family member. This needed to be done when any friend of her husband's came over for a visit. He being allowed to suck on her breasts ''till he was satisfied he was a member of the family." This way she could now comport herself more freely in front of the nursed adult male, such as appearing before him unveiled.

So, because it is contained in a canonical hadith, today, nearly 1400 years later, top Muslim authorities still advocate this perverse practice. After all, to eject or reform it or any other canonical hadith is to reject the sources and methodology of usul al-fiqh -- in short, to reject Sharia law. Now, let us connect the dots to see how the bizarre in Islam demonstrates the violent by asking the following simple question: If Muslims are still compelled to be true to things like adult breastfeeding, simply because 7th Century Mohammad said so, is it not logical to accept that they embrace their prophet's even better documented and unequivocal words concerning the infidel?

Look at it this way: the issue of adult breastfeeding is embarrassing for Muslims; far from providing them with any sort of advantage or benefits, it places them, especially their women, in a ludicrous position. Now with Muslim women frequently working with men in the same offices, with the inevitable possibility that a woman may find herself sitting alone in the same room with one or more of her male colleagues, a dilemma arises. But not to worry! The erudite scholar Dr Izzat Attya, who is head of the department of Hadih in Al-Azhar (which is the world's most prestigious Islamic University), has the answer by way of a fatwa (religious opinion) he issued in 2009.

He says that the quoted hadith is certainly accurate and, if necessary, a Muslim working women is allowed to follow the example set by the Prophet. The fatwa said that ''if a woman fed a male colleague directly from her breast at least five times they would establish a family bond and thus be allowed to be alone together a work.'' A woman at work can then take off the veil or reveal her hair to someone whom she breastfed. Since Dr Attya is probably the most learned man in the speciality science of hadith, he knows every nuance about the texts of the hadith. When he says something about the hadith, Muslims better believe him and suck it up.......literally.

What then, of Mohammad's other commanding rules -- commandments that, if upheld, far from embarrassing Muslims, provide them with power, wealth, and hedonistic joys -- that is, commandments that jibe quite well with mankind's most primitive impulses? I speak of Muhammad's commandments for Muslims to wage war (''jihad'') upon the infidel, to plunder the infidel of his wealth, women, and children, and to keep him in perpetual subjugation -- all things that define Islam's history vis-à-vis the non-Muslim. In other words, the Muslim mentality that feeds the need to address adult breastfeeding simply because Muhammad once advised it, must certainly be sold on the Prophet's constant incitements for war and conquest.

The Way I See in an era where the Muslim world is significantly weaker than the infidel world, and so currently incapable of launching a full-on offensive, one may overlook this fact. But the intention is surely there. One need only look how non-Muslim minorities, especially Christians, are treated in the Muslim world -- where they are persecuted, kidnapped, raped and their homes ransacked -- to be sure. I'll focus more on their disgusting actions in a soon to be written blog posting.

Footnote:  Last month a man in Algeria declared that he is divorcing his wife because she won't let his best friend suck on her breasts when he comes over for a visit. She stands by her decision and the Algerian courts say he is within his rights according to Mohammad's 7th Century hadith. Any modern sanity or morality is definitely lost on these people. I hope he finds his arm up his ass next to his brains one morning!

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