Sunday, July 21, 2013

''Crackergate'', Holder, Obama and the Trayvon Saga !

I was hoping not to write anymore postings on the racially charged Zimmerman/Trayvon case. However, in the last 48 hours more stupidity, including the demonstrations, has become public.

Chris Mathews with Humble-Face
Firstly, a clear case of Negrophilia (as explained in my previous blog posting) was demonstrated by a news anchor on MSNBC, Chris Matthews, who apparently believed he has the platform to speak about the death of Trayvon Martin. He looked into the camera and got all humble in voice and face and said, ''I'm speaking for ALL WHITE PEOPLE....and I'm sorry for this stuff.''  Stuff??  You mean the stuff of a Hispanic man trying to defend himself from severe injury from a tall, 17 year old aggressive Negro teenager who was beating him up on the ground?  That stuff ?  Or, as White people we collectively must feel guilty that this deadshit kid (not unarmed but with strong arms itching to fight) was shot?  Mr Matthews you should get Bill Cosby on your show and listen to his oft expressed opinion of these teenage punks bred by lazy, no-account men and careless, no-account women.

Then on Friday Americans heard President Barack Obama, their Race-Baiter-in-Chief, remark on the Trayvon tragedy, saying, ''Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago.'' and then saying the outcome might have been different if Trayvon had been white was reprehensible. President Obama is often deliberately divisive; culture wars and straw men have been his friends these five years. "Divide and conquer'' is a political method, after all -- if you can keep people screaming at each other and hating each other with trumped-up ''wars on women'' and talk of ''fat cats with private jets'' -- they're not paying attention to the fact that the government is tracking their every move. Was this yet another attempt to keep the house divided?

Arguably, American race relations have deteriorated ever since the election of Obama. The President and his cabinet and troop of Czars continuous playing of the race card for political opportunism has become an American staple. And many dumb whites still don't see they're being played. Eric Holder is the president's point man on this issue, and has become so bellicose that decent people can't stand to listen to him any longer. The continuous support of racial hucksters like Sharpton and Jackson by Holder, the president and the media and their minions are shameful and un-American. These people are in it for the profit, re-election and fame...not justice and truth.

Race-Baiters with a 12 year-old Trayvon photo !
It seems that the entire Negro community is obsessed with this issue, notwithstanding the mainstream media's preoccupied propagandizing of all Black vs White matters. The fact that Zimmerman is half Hispanic seems also have been lost in translation. After all, progressives (Leftists & Democrats) would not want to see a confrontation between the two largest minorities on which they bought with welfare cheques and count on for re-election. The recent murder of an infant by two Negro teenagers, in an effort to extort the White mother to give them money, was not only missed by Jackson and Sharpton but also by the press, Holder and Obama. The fact that Martin referred to Zimmerman as a ''White Cracker'', certainly a racist term, also seems to have disappeared down the sinkhole of history.

Now we finally learn that good old Eric, you remember Fast & Furious, and his media cronies are about to tie the case into another attempt a gun control legislation and Florida's ''bizarre gun laws.'' The overturning of Florida's Stand-Your-Ground law, that by the way has nothing at all to do with this case, allows you to face your assailant without fear and the right to protect yourself is not only the law in 37 is also Constitutionally legitimate in all states. Holder knows this and Gov. Rick Scott says he's not going to change it. These scumbag progressives believe that it is bizarre for a homeowner to be allowed to protect his home and family, and that if faced by a violent assailant; getting a broken nose and fractured skull (like Zimmerman) you must not in law shoot the bastard (most of them are) but run away, that is if you are young enough to do so. This is stupid logic!

It is also quite apparent that the real facts in the case must not be allowed to interfere with the political and media agenda. Little issues like using five year-old photos of Martin at age 12, in reporting, omitting the use of Marijuana by Martin, not allowing the reporting in court of three school expulsions, police records, and violent behaviour to the jury. I have seen recent pictures of Martin tattoo laden, stripped to the waist making rude finger gestures on the Internet. These pictures including one at a store in which he towers over the Hispanic clerk that certainly conflicts with the media ''choirboy'' portrait of Martin. And the attempt to change the charges to manslaughter on the last day of the trial is unprecedented in American jurisprudence. It was a failed ''All-American Show Trial'' that was no different from the Soviet ones.

While Sharpton and Jackson screech of racial inequity; they flatly refuse to address the real issue of WHY. As of this month 85% of all black children are born out of wedlock. Statistically crime out of wedlock born children is over 20 times that of those with fathers. A majority of gang members come from fatherless families; while 60% are rapists. You get what you pay for! The existing welfare system rewards women to have illegitimate children by paying them more for each child; if she gets married she loses all that. The Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) program increased the number of illegitimate births by 43% . Let's be honest, black on black crime is the real problem with Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, St Louis and Memphis topping the list and each of these cities has been run by progressive Democrats for decades. Putting it another way, since the Martin/Zimmerman incident, 2,992 Blacks have been murdered by other Blacks in just 14 progressive Democrat run cities. It says it all, doesn't it?

The Way I See It.....with a White population four times that of Blacks, and yet Blacks are responsible for 50.5% of all murders, while only 8% of Blacks were murdered by Whites, there is an illogical emphasis by progressives on blaming lack of gun-control and a prejudiced judicial system. In a previous blog posting last year I pointed out that FBI statistics indicate that guns and semi-automatic rifles commit only 2.6% of murders, when in fact knives, fists, and dull instruments are more common in murder cases. Our problem is not guns or judicial injustice but FIVE I will list:
  1. Illegitimacy and the absenteeism of fathers.
  2. A social welfare system that rewards illegitimacy.
  3. The lack of enforcement of existing gun possession laws.
  4. The lack of socially directed Moral and Ethical teaching and Religion in Public Schools.
  5. A political callousness that has no interest in solving the problem because it relies on the problem to create an ever-expending dependency in communities to support re-election campaigns.
America's problem, to put it bluntly, is one of political and social liberalism (called progressivism)  that will find the dynamic freedom loving country of the United States progressively slipping into a style of European Union socialism that will stifle individual ambitions for mediocre achievement and with higher taxes to pay for it.

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