Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Islamists ''Staking Claim'' with Maryland ''Cultural Center'' !

What is it?  Typical American political correctness, commercial real estate greed, or just the Obama government's ostrich-like head-in-the-sand stupidity?  Most Americans probably don't realize that Turkey's Islamist government is being allowed to build a colossal mosque in the United States' state of Maryland, a short distance from Washington, D.C. This building project has the input of several branches of a group known as the parent organization of Hamas and al-Qaeda. It's an alarming revelation unlikely to receive coverage in the ''lamestream'' media. The $100 million mega-mosque will be erected in Lanham, Maryland and is expected to ''become the largest and most striking example of Islamic architecture in the western hemisphere.'' when it is finished in late 2014.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayip Erodogan, an anti-Semite, who is slowly transforming his country from a secular democracy to an Islamic state, said his government chose the site because of its location in ''free territory'' (?). At the groundbreaking of the 15-acre site, Erodogan led a delegation of Turkish government officials whose obvious goal included increasing Islamist influence in America. One official proudly stated, ''It will be a place that will help counter an epidemic of Islamophobia in the United States. This place will feature five buildings, including a neo-Ottoman mosque that can hold 750 worshipers.''  The delegation was met by leaders of the two entities of the U.S. branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. They include Naeem Baig, president of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) and Mohamed Magid, president of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA).

At the groundbreaking ceremony (left), Erdogan thanked President Obama (who scandals made him unable to attend), the State Department and Maryland Governor, Martin O'Malley then finished up with; ''The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.''  Those seemingly colourful words were alarming to a number of analysts, including former Palestinian operative Walid Shoebat, who says the West doesn't realize the significance of what Erdogan was saying. Shoebat said Erdogan's true mission is to claim land for Islam. He pointed out that, ''The west is is unaware that in Islam, a mosque is an embassy and Turkey is acting stealthily, which is why the project is not arousing much alarm. Turkey is quietly spreading its influence across the America.''

It is not surprising, since any real interpretive reporting on the growth of  Islamic cultural influence in the U.S. is commonly ignored by the liberal press. After all, we should progressive ideologues give a hoot about Islamic leaders like INCA president Baig?  To them he should be embraced regardless of  his ties to terror and Baig's public comments like; ''our work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within'' are ''taken out of context'' leading to Islamophobic misunderstandings. Yeah...right!  Let's face it, whether here or abroad Islamic cultural centers are not a model of civic multicultural charity. They only serve Muslims. Welcoming these stealth jihadists' compounds financed by leaders that condemn Israel and America, is nothing short of seditious.

It has been reported by that Erdogan's AKP Party ''desires to re-establish the Caliphate and unify the Middle East -- and later the world -- under Turkish Islamic rule and hegemony.''  Islam analyst and blogger Pamela Geller agrees, ''Most Americans don't know that the plans showcase Turkey's long-held territorial dream. Erdogan through much deception is fulfilling one of his spiritual mentor's dreams, Sheik Nazeem Kibrisi.  While Turkey paints its version of Islam to be Sufi, which the West believes is moderate, the Sheik is anything but moderate.''  Shoebat quotes a speech he gave to Turkish students in Germany a few years ago; ''Your forefathers made the earth tremble. You are the grandsons of the Ottomans who will make the world tremble again. If the Ottomans do not come back the unbelievers will never be brought down to their knees. History is made of recurrences, certainly our glorious era has come, the day being born belongs to long as we have Allah we do not need America, nor do we need the unbelievers here in Europe, nor do we need the unbelievers in other corners of the world.''  There's no way this rant is taken-out-of-context!

The Way I See would appear that former Muslim allies in Turkey might not be so tolerant after all. Presently, in Turkey, college admissions have been changed to favour religious students, the military has been gutted of its secular generals (with 1 in 5 currently in prison under dubious charges) and women have been routed out of top government jobs. Honor killings in Turkey increased 1,400% between 2002 and 2010. Persecution of artists and journalists has become common place as opponents are charged with vague crimes like ''denigrating Islam'' or ''denigrating the state.''

Prime Minister Erdogan is aggressively pursuing his pro-Islamic agenda within America's borders and not much is is being done to prevent foreign and domestic born Islamists from strengthening their subversive activities. Obama's government is once again asleep at the wheel while anti-American pro-Sharia influences work to radicalize Muslim youth. I wonder what historic calamity awaits America. Regardless, I am sure it will result in more unconstitutional infringement and privacy loss. After all, when it comes to terrorism, Washington rarely learns life's lessons. To quote future (God forbid) Presidential contender Hillary Clinton, ''What difference does it make?''