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Is Obama Helping Resurrect the Ottoman Empire ?

Turkish PM Erdogan and Obama confer
Is Barack HUSSEIN Obama helping to advance a grand plan by Turkey, with the support of Germany, to restore the Ottoman Empire, the Islamic caliphate that controlled much of southeast Europe, Western Asia and north Africa for more than six centuries?  That is the question posed by historian Robert E. Kaplan in lucid article titled ''The U.S. Helps Reconstruct the Ottoman Empire.''  (http// 

Kaplan, a historian with a doctorate from Cornell University, specializing in modern Europe, says history suggests a possible partnership between Turkey and Germany, which has seen influence over Turkey as a means of influencing Muslims worldwide for its own interests. He asks why the U.S. government ''would actively promote German aims,'' including the destruction of Yugoslavia in the1990s and the recreation of the Ottoman Empire through the ''Arab Spring.'' It's no secret that the Muslim Brotherhood have been promoting this idea since its inception in Egypt in 1928 by Hassan a-Banna. Kaplan points to Obama's support of the Muslim Brotherhood, the ultimate victor in the ''Arab Spring'', the U.S. backing of the radical Islamic ''rebel'' groups in Libya with ties to al-Qaida, and current support for similarly constituted Islamic ''rebel'' groups in Syria aligned with al-Qaida.

Each of these U.S. military interventions occurred in areas that were under the original Ottoman Empire. Kaplan sees a similarity between the Clinton-era attacks against the Serbs and the Obama administration hostility to well-established regimes in Libya and Syria. He writes; ''Since the mid-1990s the United States has intervened militarily in several internal armed conflicts in Europe and the Middle East, bombing Serbs and Serbia in support of the Izetbegovic's Moslem Regime in Bosnia in 1995, bombing Serbia again in support of KLA Moslems of Kosovo in 1999, bombing Libya Gaddafi regime in support of rebels in 2010. Each intervention was justified to Americans as motivated by humanitarian concerns.''

Kaplan observes that neither Presidents Clinton nor Obama ever mentioned the reconstitution of the Ottoman Empire as a justification for military intervention. The U.S. offered Americans other reasons for intervening in Serbia, including a desire to gain a strategic foothold in the Balkans, to defeat communism in Yugoslavia, to demonstrate to the world's Muslims that the U.S. is not anti-Muslim, and to redefine the role of NATO in the post-Cold War era. It's important to be reminded that at its height in 15th and 16th centuries, the Ottoman Empire stretched from its capital in Istanbul, Turkey, through areas of North Africa, Iraq, the Arabian peninsula and parts of the Balkans. (see map)

In hindsight, you can see that since the 1990s, each European and Middle Eastern country that experienced American military intervention in its internal conflict or an ''Arab Spring'' has ended up with a government dominated by previously suppressed Islamists of the Muslim Brotherhood or an al-Qaida variety that fits nicely with the idea that these events represent a return to Ottoman-type rule. Kaplan sees a recurring pattern to each U.S. military action. First there is an armed uprising with the country, the American news media heavily reports the conflict. The ''good guys'' are the rebels while the existing regime, the ''bad guys'', are brutally anti-democratic, committers of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. Secondly, with public figures, NGOs, and international organizations calling for support for the rebels, the third phase is now easy with the president ordering logistical support and arms to the rebels. Finally, under the auspices of NATO you get a military attack supporting the rebels and replace the secular government with an Islamist one.

Germany found an excuse to partner with American meddling in 2012. Reporter, John Rosenthal, published in the Asian Times, information that disclosed reports prepared by the German foreign intelligence service, the BND, attributing the massacre in the town of Houla on May, 2012, to the Syrian government. Rosenthal linked the conclusions of the BND regarding the Houla massacre to the policy of the German government to reinforce the support of the Syrian rebellion and its political arm, the Syrian National Council. Recalling that Germany invaded Syria in both World Wars and actively sought the destruction of Yugoslavia in the Cold War era, Kaplan wonders if the Obama administration's joining with Germany in bombing Libya, and aiding Syrian rebels as well, is an effort to help Germany fill its foreign policy objective of restoring the Ottoman Empire. In November, 2011 Germany's Prime Minister, Angela Merkel had private talks at the White House. No doubt some mention of the idea of an Ottoman resurgence in the Middle East was discussed. (below)

Kaplan notes that the Obama administration's foreign policy requires it to downplay the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaida terrorist threat to U.S. national security. On Nov 1, 2012, CNSNews reported that Obama had described al-Qaida as having been ''decimated and on the path to defeat and bin Laden is dead!'' or some other variation at least 32 times since the attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi. Obama also has advanced a narrative expressing U.S. acceptance of Islam. He foolishly describes it as a peaceful and tolerant religion. In June, 2009, he proudly exclaimed he had known Islam ''on three continents before coming to the region where it was first 'revealed'''.

While meeting with Turkeys President Abdullah Gul at Cankaya Palace in Ankara, Turkey, on April 6, 2009, Obama repudiated the U.S.s history since George Washington by declaring the United States is not a Christian country: ''And I've said before that one of the many strengths of the United States is -- although we have a large Christian population -- we do not consider ourselves a Christian nation or a Jewish nation or a Muslim nation, we consider ourselves a nation of people bound by ideals and a set of values.'' Yet despite Obama's attempt to establish a narrative in which Islamic terrorism is not a threat to U.S. national security, the evidence bounds that the radical Islamic rebels responsible for opposing Gadhafi in Libya and Assad in Syria have strong links to al-Qaida.

The Way I See level al-Qaida operatives are functioning with impunity in Libya under a NATO-established provisional government. I brought out the fact in my May 21st posting titled ''The Real Reason behind Benghazigate'' that ambassador Chris Stevens played a central role in recruiting jihadists to fight the Syrian regime with Turkey's support. Also that special mission was used to coordinate Arab arms shipments from Qatar and Saudi Arabia and other aid to rebels who are known to be saturated by al-Qaida an other Islamic terrorist groups. I also reported that the attack which killed Stevens and three other Americans was an al-Qaida revenge killing that took place one day after al-Qaida chief Ayman al-Zawahiri called for retaliation for a U.S. drone strike that a top Libyan al-Qaida leader.

On Jan 3, (2013) WND reported that the Muslim Brotherhood has penetrated the Obama White House, with several American Muslim leaders who work with the Obama administration identified as Muslim Brotherhood operatives who have significant influence on Team Obama's foreign and domestic policies. Arguably, the Obama government's policy of siding with the rebels in Syria may reflect the aim of isolating Shite-dominated Iran from the rest of the Sunni Islamic world. In February, President Obama's nominee to head the CIA, John Brennan, converted to Islam a few years ago in Saudi Arabia. It sounds like a form of high level ''stealth jihad'' going on in Washington/

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