Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Survey: Some Children Prone To More Disease !

Suspicions have been confirmed for those wary of vaccinating their children. A recent on-going large study corroborates other independent study surveys comparing unvaccinated children to vaccinated children. This study out of Germany compared disease rates between these two groups and points to a pretty clear disparity as far as illness rates are concerned. As reported by the group Health Freedom Alliance, children who have been vaccinated according to official government schedules are up to five times  more likely to contract a preventable disease than children who developed their own immune systems naturally without vaccines.

This survey's preliminary findings were released last year and included data on 8,000 unvaccinated children whose overall disease rates were compared to disease rates among the vaccinated general public. And in every single disease category, unvaccinated children fared far better than the vaccinated children in terms of both disease prevalence and severity. In other words, the evidence suggests that vaccines are neither effective nor safe. In a similar, but related, study conducted in the U.S. back in the 1990s, researchers found that the death rate among vaccinated children for infection with diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough is also twice as high, on average, compared with unvaccinated children. There is presently an on-going survey in America with well over 11,000 children and results have yet to be released.

''No study of health outcomes of vaccinated people versus unvaccinated has ever been conducted in the U.S. by the CDC or any other agency in the 50 years or more of an accelerating schedule of vaccinations foisted on our children,'' writes Louis Rain, member of the Health Freedom Alliance.
He adds, ''There are now over 50 doses of 14 vaccines given before kindergarten, 26 doses in a child's first year, well before its own immune can get up to speed, it's obscene.''  A Phd immunologist, who wrote the book ''Vaccine Illusion''  (2012), Dr Tetyana Obukhanych, has gone against the dogma of her medical training. She asserts that true immunity to any disease is not conferred by vaccines. Exposure to the disease, whether contracted or not....does!

Of course, none of these studies were picked up by the MSM (mainstream media). None were funded by the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) or the World Health Organization (WHO) or any national or international health agency or medical group. These gutless hypocrites don't dare compare the health on unvaccinated children to vaccinated children objectively and risk disrupting their vaxmania (vaccine mania). Dramatic, debilitating, or lethal vaccine injuries were not and are not the focus since so few, 5% or less, actually get reported to Vaccine Adverse Injury Reporting System (VAERS) in the United States for various reasons including:
  • It's a complicated system that takes time from the doctor's practice.
  • Most parents don't know about it, and the doctor isn't inclined to tell them.
  • Only adverse reactions that occur immediately after vaccinations are considered.
  • Since VAERS is voluntary, most doctors don't want to incriminate themselves with vaccine injuries and maintain their denial of vaccine dangers.
So, consequently, even the most terrible adverse reactions are minimally acknowledged, while long-term negative health issues resulting from vaccines are not even considered relevant. Here's a few examples as disclosed at VaccineInjury.info, vaccinated children are twice as likely as unvaccinated children to develop neurodermatitis, a skin disorder marked by chronic itching and scratching. Similarly, vaccinated children are about two-and-a half times as likely, based on current data, to develop a pattern of migraine headaches compared to the unvaccinated. The numbers are even more divergent for asthma and chronic bronchitis, where vaccinated children are 8 times more likely to develop such respiratory problems. Vaccinated children are also far more likely to develop hyperactivity, hayfever, and thyroid disease, with their likelihood 3 times, 4 times and shockingly 17 times higher, respectively, compared to unvaccinated children.

Where the gloves really come off on the issue, however, is with autism, the long-held point of contention in the vaccine safety debate. According to the data, Autism is extremely rare among unvaccinated children. The reality is that vaccinated children are about 2.5 times more likely to develop severe autism compare to unvaccinated children....a shocking finding when considering the medical establishment vehemently denies any link whatsoever between vaccines and autism. And as it turns out, many of the vaccinated children with reported severe autism tested high for heavy metals, including mercury, which further indicts vaccines and their disease-causing adjuvants.

The Way I See It....the correlations shown in these various surveys does not necessarily conclude causation, the overall disparity of disease rates between vaccinate and unvaccinated children at the very least points to a very strong connection that cannot be denied or dismissed anymore. Even after accounting for bias, as the survey's authors have tried to do over the years, the data continues to show much higher disease rates among the unfortunate vaccinated children compared to the unvaccinated children.

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