Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Earth Hour is Back! This Time Turn Off Your Fridge !

This year Earth Hour will extend to the International Space Station, where astronaut Andre Kuipers will watch over the planet as the lights switch off on March 31st. In Sydney, where Earth Hour began at the height of the Global Warming hysteria (2007) by the World Wildlife Fund.  We'll see many celebrities cashing in on the event with thousands of others before spreading out to reach hundreds of millions of the misguided and uninformed in the largest feel-good action for "saving" the planet.

 Obviously the WWF is not going to let-the-cat-out-of-the-bag and expose the truth that there hasn't been any appreciable Global Warming in 17 years! So ignorance marches on with events that will include the pathetic candle-lit sustainable (?) dinners at restaurants we saw last year, as well as unplugged (acoustic) music performances and at other various venues. I hear there will be an opera performed (in the dark ?) in Brisbane. Sydney Harbour will be offering solar-powered boat rides (at night ?), while 7000 other world cities will cater to the enviromentalist's ideology.

Danish environmental writer and academic, Bjorn Lomborg, has made a controversial claim that the mindless insanity of Earth Hour actually increases the world's emissions when global warmists will turn off their lights for just one hour. He says, ''Notice that you have not been asked to switch off anything really inconvenient, such as your heating, air conditioning, television, computer, mobile phone, or any of the myriad technologies that depend on affordable, plentiful energy that makes modern life possible."  But if they did that, these romantics might realise electricity is an essential and not a luxury. Lomborg states, ''Even if everyone in the world cut all residential lighting, and this translated entirely into CO2 reduction, it would be the equivalent of China pausing its CO2 emissions for less than four minutes. In fact, Earth Hour will cause emissions to increase.''

It seems Britain's National Grid operators have found, a small decline in electricity consumption does not translate into less energy being pumped into the grid, and therefore will not reduce emissions. Moreover, during Earth Hour any significant drop in electricity demand will entail a reduction in CO2 emissions during the hour, but it will be offset by the surge from firing up coal or gas stations to restore electricity supplies afterwards. Lomborg adds,  ''And the cozy candles that many participants will light, which seem so natural and environmentally friendly, are still fossil fuels and almost 100 times less efficient than incandescent light bulbs. Using one candle for each switched-off bulb cancels out even the theoretical CO2 reduction; using two candles means that you'll emit more CO2.''

So, on Saturday evening, 1.3 billion people will go without light for an hour at 8:30 and for the rest of the night, just like every other night of the year, billions more, with no access to electricity....darkness after sunset will be a constant reality for these people. So tell me again....why turning off the lights for an hour is so inspirational? Has it to do with the herd instinct, group think or a mob mentality? It seems the the ''watermelons'', of which the WWF is one of the wealthy ones is priming the ''peasants'' to accept a restricted way of life in the future with talk of how Clean Energy can save a Mother Earth from us bad humans. This form of ideology pays fitting tribute to the leadership of the late Kim-Jong-Ill for creating in North Korea the living example of taking a country back to the 19th century energy future they desire: a dark, cold future (see photo).

The Way I See It....is that if you were actually trying to persuade people they could have their carbon-free cake and still stay in the 21st century....this does not seem the smart way to do it. Particularly, since you present them both immediately before and after Earth Hour with the, well, alternative. I most certainly do not mean so-called ''alternative energy'', but the alternative to their preferred energy sources. Needless to say it won't be the WWFs choice of euphemistically called ''sustainable energy''; that is using the high cost, unreliable sources of wind, sun and sea. The Eco-facists will not give a thought that nuclear power, running on fuel from Mother Earth's own home-grown uranium, would fill the bill much better. So people, here's our energy future with the compliments of the Green movement; brownouts, blackouts and lots of Darkness. If you come to your senses and shake off the Man-made Warming guilt-trip and here's your carbon energy present and future; LIGHTS!   You can keep your Earth Hour!

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