Sunday, October 14, 2012

Biden's Bluster is No Laughing Matter !

So now we know what Team Obama's comeback plan was following last week's defeat in the Presidential debate. Unleash Joe Biden to interrupt, filibuster, snarl and smirk and otherwise show contempt for Paul Ryan, as Obama obviously did to Romney. By unofficial media counts, ''Buffon'' Biden interrupted the Republican some 85-100 times. Mr Ryan let the bully get away with too much for my liking. No doubt the performance cheered Democrats who needed cheering after last week, but I wonder how well it played with independents or those undecided voters who tuned in and were hoping to learn something.

Mr Biden had his strongest notes on foreign policy. He too glibly rolled past the murders of four Americans at the Benghazi consulate a month ago (mimicking Obama's ''a few bumps along the way'' analogy) while attributing the Administration's false early explanations to ''the intelligence community.''  "We didn't know the attack wasn't over the Muslim video!" Biden exclaimed. I doubt that's what the investigation  will ultimately show. Biden also contradicted evidence given at a congressional hearing the day before revealing that extra protection for the Libyan posts had been requested and U.S. officials refused extra security prior to the Benghazi assault.

During the spirited sit-down battle, Mr Ryan was stronger on domestic issues. Even here, though, the debate devolved into an exchange between Mr Ryan's policy details and Mr Biden's free-association appeals to emotion and class solidarity. However, Biden said deadly serious things about the economy. On housing and equity markets Paul Ryan could have used Biden's seemingly offhand comments to remind the public that the Obama administration is indifferent, at best, to free-market solutions to America's economic woes. It's the political rut of keeping taxing the rich and keep those entitlements coming.  Mitt Romney shouldn't let any similsr chances go to waste at next week's town hall debate.

Free markets are more efficient in fixing their mistakes than Washington is -- ironically, the free-market solution is helping Obama now. People across the U.S. can perceive the worst is over. It follows that with the slightest drop in the unemployment rate of 7.8% they have a bit more confidence, a change in psychology showing up in consumer-spending figures. Romney and Ryan should acknowledge that people feel better and explain why they do; it had nothing to do with the White House.

 The Way I See It....the trends aren't looking good for Team Obama. The latest Rasmussen Reports survey of Likely Florida Voters finds Romney with 51% support to President Obama's 47%.  Also deep trouble in the 11 key swing states; Colorado, Florida, Iowa Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin giving Romney 49% to Obama's 47%. So, Joe Biden may have shaded Paul Ryan in the debate, but he did so by telling a few porkies that might now bite Obama's campaign...Mitt are you listening?

It sure looks like Biden put the blame on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, his potential 2016 rival, for the security failings at Benghazi. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney backed up Biden's declaration by saying ''it's a State Department issue.'' Will Hillary now retaliate and protect herself by leaking word that the White House DID TOO know?

Why is Obama in trouble?  Maybe because when times get tough--record deficits, huge numbers of unemployed, American ambassador murdered--he's the kind of guy who decides to stick up for a 2 meter tall yellow multi-millionaire in one of the most embarrassing childish campaign ads ever screened. (See YouTube: Big Bird - Obama for America TV Ad)  Obama spokesperson Jen Psaki, speaking on board Air Force One on the day of the debate; ''There's only one candidate in this race who is going to continue to fight for Big Bird and Elmo, and he's riding on this plane.''

She's right!!! The United States is the first nation in history whose democracy has evolved to the point where its leader is provided with a wide-body transatlantic jet in order to campaign on the vital issue of public funding for sock puppets!  You'd have to laugh...if it wasn't so pathetic.

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