Sunday, April 1, 2012

There's Something Rotten in Denmark !

A few months ago Prince Frederich of Denmark came to Australia with his lovely, Australian born wife, Mary, for a low-key visit. After a few cursory public outings he met with opposition leader, Tony Abbott, and knowing of Abbott's man-made global warming skepticism, proceeded to lecture him on what a great job Denmark is doing to lower their emissions to save our planet. He said his country aims to supply 35% of its total energy from (expensive) renewables by 2020, with half of its electricity delivered by wind farms.

He proudly stated, "we are half way to our 2020 target and already we can see our citizen's consumption reducing." Of course, what he failed to mention is that Denmark has the highest cost per kilowatt-hour in the European Union that his citizens are struggling to pay. They have had to curtail their less affordable electricity usage but not like their bragging, well-off prince.

And last week the Danish government rubbed their citizen's noses in it even further by announcing "the broadest, greenist and most long-term energy agreement it has ever reached." The Danish minister for Climate & Energy, Martin Lidegaard, confirmed that Parliament had agreed to a new set of goals designed to wean the country off of coal, oil and gas. This new agreement will help (?) Denmark achieve its goal of supplying 100% of its energy from renewables by 2050, including electricity, heating, industry and transport. God help the Danes! To even come close to achieving this lunatic goal, every square metre of their small country will be covered with wind turbines, killing thousands of birds and driving them nuts with the humming noise.

The Way I See It....folks, if the politicians in your country are stupid enough not to read the latest scientific literature on the LACK of global warming (in the past 12 years) and showing no link to elevated carbon dioxide, with Arctic ice returning, sea levels steady, Polar Bears, Penguins and Coral Reefs are in trouble. To let these Green-nut jobs turn off your coal/gas-fired power stations and restrict your energy supply to only wind and solar farms without a single thought to back it up with some Base Load power source, like a safe model G4 Nuclear're screwed! Welcome to the New World of expensive Blackouts, Brownouts, and Candlepower.

You had a taste of it last night with thousands and thousands of suckers around the world going warm and fuzzy, sitting in the glow of Earth Hour's candlelight, not comprehending the future that awaits them. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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