Friday, March 30, 2012

It's That Time Again.....

....when we're asked to switch off our rationale! We are told to be on North Korea time for one hour. This is Earth Hour....but it's 365 days a year for the North Koreans (see photo). The very idea that newspapers around the world are urging people to turn off their 21st century illumination and go back to candlelight, is the single most stupid manifestation of warmist delirium. They have enlisted a list of well-known do-gooders brainwashed in the global warming dogma to build up the planet-saving hype for the big night on Saturday.

Has the Lame-Stream Media actually thought about the central message that their Earth Hour transmits. Now true, the word "thought" does not sit comfortably with the closed-minded warmism mob. But if they did, do they really want to suggest the glorious future they would desperately like to lead us into, which looks a lot like North Korea's glorious present? Where it's less the case that you get to turn off the lights and more that there aren't any to turn on! Or more pointedly, there just ain't any electricity for those 25-watt bulbs.

Is this really the message they want to send? That the ICONIC representation of their so-called Clean Energy future is, well...DARKNESS? When the world-wide media and all their warmist fellow travellers ignore the mounting evidence that the temperatures haven't risen in the last 10 years all the while CO2 went up 120 ppm in that time, and continue their Dalek-like chanting "carbon will be destroyed" you know you are seeing a form of religious ideology. Not Science.

What goes for climate science is now the endless Conga-line battalions of snouts-in-the -trough climate main-chancers, that keep telling us over and over again, we will have all the power we want from wind and solar and a long extension cord from the nearest geothermal site.

So tell me again....why turning off the lights for an hour is so inspirational? Has it to do with the herd instinct, group think or a mob mentality? Paying the most fitting tribute to the inspirational leadership of the late Kim-Jong-Ill for creating in North Korea the living example of taking a country back to the 19th century energy future they desire: that I could understand.

The Way I See that if you were actually trying to persuade people they could have their carbon-free cake and stay in the 21st century, this does not seem the smart way to go. Particularly, not as you present them both immediately before and after Earth Hour with the, well, alternative.
I most certainly do not mean so-called "alternative energy", but the alternative to their preferred energy sources. Needless to say, the lights that are on before and after Earth Hour won't be solar powered. And if the wind ain't blowing......oh well. Just beautiful. Here's our energy future; DARKNESS. Here's the carbon energy present and future; LIGHTS!

I know at 8:30pm Saturday night I will be keeping my lights, TV, microwave and maybe use the deep-fat frier and as a fitting touch, I'll turn on my Christmas lights that I haven't taken down yet, that are lining my guttering. I hope you join me for the sake of REASON.

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