Friday, January 13, 2012

"Stealth Jihad" Is In Australia !

Everywhere all over the Western world it's the same story: Muslim groups are growing ever more aggressive in demanding concessions to Islamic law and practice, and Western authorities are responding with eager submission, even when such concessions involve restrictions on long-cherished freedoms. And in every instance, the lamestream media focus public attention upon those who are determined to resist the advance of Islamic law, as of those standing up for freedom were the problem, not those devious scum that at trying to destroy it. I first warned you about this last year in my May 18th posting.

I've discovered the Q Society, an Australian human rights group, that's keeping track of stealth jihad in Australia. Their spokeswoman, Vickie Jansen, reports that "Latrobe University has its Muslim-only toilets and prayer rooms. A group of Aussie Muslims is campaigning for exclusively-Muslim prayer rooms in a Western Australia hospital on the basis that they need to avoid the idolatry that may occur if they share with other faiths." Ms Jansen goes on, "our public schools are adapting to a Muslim Perspectives curriculum project in which, among many other things, not just female-only swimming is recommended for Muslim students, but for exclusively Muslim-only swimming pool periods. Some public schools are catering to diversity by ensuring tuckshops are exclusively Halal." (Sounds like a resurrected form of apartheid to me)

The demands of Muslim groups all over the Western world for separate facilities are in the service of a supremacist ideology that emanates from the Koranic assertions that Muslims are the "best of people" (3:110), while unbelievers are the "vilest of created beings" (98:6). "Unbelievers are unclean" (9:28) which leads to the conclusion that Muslim should avoid contact with them. (Then tell the bastards to stay home from school!) Every capitulation made to these demands only feeds these supremacist notions, by the likes of the Muslim Brotherhood, which work directly against the principles of equal justice and equal rights for all.

Nevertheless, left-leaning, ass-kissing Western politicians are eager to accommodate these demands. Last month, the Deputy Premier of Queensland, Andrew Fraser, denounced the Q Society for fliers protesting the introduction of misleading and whitewashed material about Islam into Australian schools. "Modern Australia has a proud multicultural heritage," thundered dead-shit Fraser'. "This kind of prejudicial rubbish has no place anywhere, let alone here in Queensland."

So in Fraser's view, to advance an apartheid-like system that institutionalises the oppression of women and non-Muslims serves Australia's "proud multicultural heritage," but to resist that system in the name of freedom and equality of rights for all is prejudicial rubbish." (God Help Us !) That is precisely the position that Islamic supremacist groups take in the U.S. as well...and Fraser, like so many opportunist politicians eagerly parrot their line.

The Way I See It....there is a sad reality that such demands are part of the stealth jihad that endeavors to advance Islamic law in Western countries through non-violent means....and what better way to accomplish this than by playing on the West's fears or racism and bigotry to win concessions as a victimised group?

The irony here is that the Australian (and American) politicians who allow themselves to be used in this way are abetting the advance of a system that is far more repressive and ridden with inequalities than anything in any modern Western country. But they will probably realize this only when they themselves fall victim to that system, as--if it continues to advance--they certainly will.

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  1. The Muslim Brotherhood are truly dangerous. They are promoting themselves as moderates which is manifestly not the case. I cant give details however I know for a fact through a personal not family connection that they have a hidden agenda that steeped in militant fundamentalist intentions. Good article Frank.