Friday, January 27, 2012

No More "Reconciliation" !

So...this is what reconciliation looks like on Australia Day, after so many concessions over so many years.

Reconciliation means Prime Minister Julia Gillard and guests, at a ceremony to honour SES members, being trapped by furious Aboriginal protesters inside a Canberra building yesterday being heckled and abused as racists. Disgusting! It means Gillard, fear on her face, being man-handled and falling in the melee as police rushed her to her car for safety, one shoe lost in the crowd.

It means Opposition Leader Tony Abbott also being bundled into Gillard's car to protect him from assault with protesters trying to block the car with its terrified occupants and fighting police and vilely abusing them.

Yet here are some concessions we've made to an obviously ungrateful reconciliation movement that now destroys the cause it preaches. 1) We've allowed a shambolic Aboriginal "tent embassy" to despoil public space in Canberra for 40 years, when we wouldn't tolerate a (non-Abo) Occupy Melbourne protest for 40 days. 2) We've formally apologised to "stolen generations" despite not being able to identify even 10 of the tens of thousands of Aboriginal children said to here been stolen just to breed out colour.(read my post on August 30th, 2010) 3) We've held Sorry Days and marched over bridges behind their alien flag. 4) We've (quite properly) granted Aborigines land rights, even if they never did a thing in 50,000 years to improve their lot or the human race's for that matter. They also got rights to block mining projects of huge economic benefit to all Australians.

5) We've spent BILLIONS to try to lift Aborigines out of poverty while they love to call their Welfare handout "sitting-down-money". There seems to be an absurd fear of seeming "mean" that has stopped our leaders from doing what's most needed. Real"tough-love"! 6) We hold Welcome-to-Country ceremonies and pay respects to Aboriginal elders at government and sporting events to show our good hearts. 7) Andrew Bolt adds, " we've introduced what seems to me apartheid justice, with Koorie Courts and had judges show extraordinary leniency to Aboriginal offenders on the grounds of their culture." (Even yesterday, ACT police assured reporters that none of the ratbags behind the riot would be arrested.)

And now we have a government-formed committee of "experts" recommending new clauses in the Constitution to recognise Aborigines as a race with prior claim to this country, and offering special protections for their meager culture and their "feelings". Oh...please!!! Some of these things my friends you may well support. Some of you may not, because they seem like moves likely to divide us on the grounds of race and to leave no one but pondscum activists better off. After all these changes and compromises hailed by the appeasing socialist Left...why this disgraceful riot?

Protesters blamed Tony Abbott...because he'd said that the tent embassy perhaps should move on since a lot has changed for the better since it was set up---a perfectly rational opinion that any citizen should be free to express without needing police protection. Yet one of the protesters, the head deadshit Michael Anderson, yesterday told the crowd that what Abbott has said amounted to inciting racial riots. Which his followers promptly made a self-fulling claim by staging exactly that and today this hard-core scum burned the Aussie flag after spitting on it in front of Parliament House!

The Way I See It...this is not reconciliation. This is instead a warning that the wrong path has been taken, leading us to deeper divisions, entrenched by laws, and with dissent punished in the courts or on the streets. It means each concession, no matter how extreme, is feeding a hunger for yet more and is just dividing us more along racial lines.

Let's learn from yesterday's shame and say "NO". No to those ungrateful race-baiters. No to laws dividing us by race. No to those who want to shut down the debate on all this; those that can't stand the truth of what they've become. And let's say "YES" to judging each other not by colour of our skin or the race of our ancestors, but by the content of our character. As individuals. That means the reconciliation movement must's just too dangerous.

NOTE: The current use of INDIGENOUS to describe Aboriginals is incorrect. The word indigenous means "born and raised in the country one is living in". That makes every person, black, white or brindle that has been born and presently lives in Australia INDIGENOUS. It was probably some socialist, elitist, academic schmuck that started this politically correct usage. The vernacular works perfectly fine for the majority of true-blue Aussies.


  1. May/June 2011

    The Northern Territory in an attempt to prevent domestic violence and sex crimes, has made it illegal to supply pornography & alcohol in the towns that the Aboriginal people live. Everyone needs to walk/drive over the border into SA or go to Alice Springs.

    This ruling began in October 2006 and has made the locals in Alice Springs prisoners in their own homes after dark. Many have even sold up and left town because they have had enough.

    The positive is that the PAAC believe that it has reduced alcohol consumption by 14% and reduced violence toward children.

    We were very firmly told by the local Alice Springs Caravan Park "TO NOT TO ARRIVE IN ALICE SPRINGS AFTER DARK AS IT IS NOT SAFE. We were informed where to camp overnight and then arrive in Alice at dawn.


    I spoke to MANY shop owners, farmers, tourist centres, restaurant owners and heard the same comment "We try, they turn up late or not at all. The better ones work one day or even two...but do not return."

    Cheap wine bladder casts litter the public park lawns & public streets.
    Mid morning you are approached by drunk Aborigines asking for more money or walking about unsteady with liquor bottle in hand.

    It was also disappointing to observe/note that tourists both international and general Australians have more respect and interest in many of their historic areas than the native residents themselves.

    As the late afternoon sets in at Alice Springs,we saw Aboriginal people by the thousands arrive on foot or in numbers of ten+ pour out of a single car. They then sit in the dirt outside the bottle shops/pubs, arguing amongst themselves, begging for money, sitting by the road or under bridges waiting for curfew time so that they can buy alcohol.

    We found the grounds/tracks in disrepair, the streams cluttered with rubbish and the whole look one of complete neglect.
    Entry Price? They certainly knew how to charge costing us on average $45+ for a family!

    In Marree, the Local Native Aboriginal group requested $15000 from the cattle drovers to pass over their land....How did they spend this money? On their youth to do up the old club house (Donated by the federal govt) that stands in disrepair in town? To provide shoes, clothing, school text books for their kids? Invest the proceeds for the future? NO
    They took the (not yet banked) cheque to the one local general store to purchase booze and chocolates.....

    We did meet polite, professional Aboriginal (who themselve admit there are not many) people who delight working as guides, park rangers, historians and general workers in tourist parks. They are passionate about educating their own people and tourists alike about their rich culture and art work.

  2. Thanks for that insightful, on-the-ground- information Amanda. I knew it was bad but this is really disgusting! And that idiot Michael Anderson says Abos should have sovereignty over all of Australia. Imagine that!