Friday, December 30, 2011

Promises, Promises !

Now, with a new U.S. Presidental election on the horizon this coming year I got to thinking about the last one. It was three and half years ago that Mr Barack Obama was campaigning hard for president. He was drawing immense crowds, bringing them to their feet screaming his name. What was he promising these fans (suckers)?

1) That he would end the recession and bring back a healthy, booming economy. Has he done it? Obviously not. The crash stopped because of the rescue of Wall Street by George W. Bush's bailout. I don't see any causative link between Obama's trillion-dollar "stimulus package" and his supersize deficits and the modest recovery there is. There is still extremely high unemployment and a housing foreclosure disaster that could take years to resolve. This was a failed promise.

2) That he would "reset'' relations with Russia.He promised to get friendly relations with this important country. Still the Russians mock the U.S. and balk at any cooperation in the U.N. and everywhere else. Another failure.

3) That he would go over the federal budget "line by line" to weed out waste and corruption that would save so much money to help balance the budget.This one was a laughter from day one. He could not possibly go through the millions of lines in the federal budget. It was just a nonsense. As it happened, we have a wildly bigger budget than ever before and deficits on a scale that is genuinely terrifying. So far...another big failure.

4) That he would bring peace to the Middle East.Another bad and naive promise. The Middle East is more dangerous than ever. Kicking out Mubarak from Egypt has given the land of the Nile an anti-Israel, anti-u.S. government that is already working hand in glove with the terrorists in Gaza. Libya has also joined the club. Fail!

5) That he would create a new, peaceful productive relationship with Iran.Oops! Did he really believe that? Was he delusional or just naive? He missed the opportunity to oust that scumbag regime when the young people rioted against rigged elections but sat on his hands instead of extending his support so the revolution eventually was crushed. Big failure.

The Way I See that the man is an inept failure. He couldn't lead a dog down a street much less show some "balls" in the international arena. In an effort to woo over the Muslim world he seems to believe somehow that even criticism of radial extremists of Islam is a slap in the face to their religion as a whole. Americans are angry that he obviously has not taken the war on terror seriously enough, especially when they see that government officials won't even utter the word "Islamic radicalism." That smacks of APPEASEMENT! Maybe his Muslim roots are to blame.

The world knew how that great statesman Winston Churchill felt about appeasing one's enemy. To quote the great man: "An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last." And to add insult to injury, Obama has insulted our two best friends in the world --Britain and Israel --by showing his contempt for them.

It is very hard to find any real pluses in his term so far with his Socialist agenda consistently undermining the very principles that was made America great. This is how great nations fold up. They get small men and women in Big jobs. He should definately not be voted back in as President.

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