Monday, December 12, 2011

Medics Dummy-Spit Over New Chiro-School

If it wasn't so would be funny. News articles have come out saying that Central Queensland University (in Mackay, Queensland) is under fire over its new Chiropractic course, described by a group of uninformed scientists and doctors as based on "anti-science". They want courses in chiropractic, as well as acupuncture and naturopathy, scrapped claiming they are a misuse of public money and encourage quackery. (sic!)

A bluntly worded letter to the university's hierarchy, signed by 34 medical people, including former Australian-of-the-Year, the Ian Frazer, known for his development of the deadly Gardasil vaccine. (See my April 26 & 27th, 2010 postings on Gardasil) It seems to have escaped these high-minded individuals that there are three other chiropractic programs in Australia situated in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth and now also in Auckland, New Zealand that can't keep up with the public's demand for chiropractic's natural healing approach.

The really stupid argument they present is that "it is necessary to protect consumers (they mean sick people) from the dangers of scientifically unproven practices and having universities giving undeserved credibility to alternative therapies." They seem to forget that Chiropractic is only 5 or so years younger than medicine. It's credibility goes back to 1895 when structural spinal misalignment causing interference to nerve supply was theorised to effect the innate health of an individual. That theory is now a fact of daily practice life for every modern chiropractor and their patients.

Speaking of unscientific, Dr Bruce Lipton, medical doctor and researcher, stated that much of medical practice itself is far from being a proven evidence-based approach. He says that only 15% of medical principles and practice qualify as being scientifically proven. You know the familiar line: "Try these pills, Mrs Jones this week and if they don''t work we'll switch to a new lot." He says that Medicine has rejected Chiropractic from the beginning because "they saw it as metaphysical. And what they call metaphysical is what we now call today Quantum Physics. Medicine is outdated, because medicine hasn't adopted Quantum Physics and it turns out that the new research reveals that the primary mechanisms controlling the body's biology are from the quantum field."

Dr Lipton states; "that allopathic medicine's old fashioned because it's still locked in to using the old physical universe of Newtonian foundations and chiropractic has been using quantum mechanics since its inception. The philosophy of chiropractic, as first postulated by D.D. Palmer, is more scientifically accurate than the principles used by allopathic medicine. It's a joke to me, because the allopathic model is the wrong model, that's why it doesn't work at keeping people well. All this treating symptoms while mostly not correcting the underlying cause of most illness."

Of course, even the pure, simple approach of chiropractic to natural healing has some oddballs in its ranks. There are colleagues (I use the term loosely) that want to limit chiropractic's help of sick humanity by confining spinal treatment to evidence-based conditions; to match the flawed allopathic model. We call these..."Medi-Practors." These people want to be recognized by medicine by discarding the original principles of D.D. Palmer and are willing to sell their soul to become medically acceptable by treating conditions rather then removing interference to spinal nerve supply (life force) to bring out the health in the patient no matter what the age group.

The Way I See It....chiropractic has had a much more accurate assessment of the flow of information in the biology in the world of the nervous system than conventional medicine. For some reason, perhaps pure arrogance, the medical profession hasn't seen the forest-for-the-trees. They can't make the connection between vertebral misalignment causing nerve interference...hence the supply to that organ, gland or tissue suffers loss of vitality. So simple.

Thirty-four misguided medicos making a big stink over one more university offering the most profound health-giving paradigm of this century sounds to me like Sour Grapes. Chiropractic, started in the 19th century, gained worldwide acceptance in the 20th century, and has now become a growing leader with the new buzz-word...Wellness Care. Governments around the world are crying out for an answer to the growing tsunami of baby-boomers and how to keep them well longer and off the hospital rolls.....and here it is... staring them in the face!

Finally, in a statement, the Central Queensland University's dean of medical and applied sciences, Grant Stanley, said, "Chiropractic is a discipline recognised by the Australian Government and the university's chiropractic program was evidence-based and WELLNESS-FOCUSED." Enough said I think!

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