Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hello DIDO, Goodbye N.B.N !

A technology guru who has been described as the Thomas Edison of Silicon Valley claims to have developed a new wireless technology that could one day rival the download speeds on the National Broadband Network Australia's committed itself to build for $40 billion dollars over the next 5 years.

The new technology, called DIDO, allows Internet users to access download speeds up to 1000 times faster than possible on conventional wireless networks, without any fall in speed as more users get on to the network. Opposition government Communications spokesman Malcolm Turnbull said this wireless breakthrough underlined the importance of being a "technology agnostic" when it came to choosing broadband solutions to meet the nation's needs.

The creator of the new DIDO technology, Steve Perlman, has built himself a successful reputation in his native United States where he has been credited with developing Apple's popular film-watching software QuickTime, as well as being involved in a number of successful technology start-ups. These include WebTV, one of the first services to link the Internet with televisions, sold to Microsoft in 1997 for $US500 million.

Mr Perlman claims his new wireless technology breaks Shannon's Law, a fundamental theorem of communications that posits all users on a wireless network must share bandwidth. This means that, on conventional wireless networks, download and upload speeds fall as more users are added to the network. But with DIDO that principle is turned on its head.

"We know we can get to 100-fold what is today's cellular systems provide and we are optimistic we can get to 1000-fold," Mr Perlman said in a recent talk at Columbia University, where he first publicly described the DIDO system.

The Way I See It....the potential of DIDO is to have unlimited numbers of simultaneous users, all streaming high-definition video, utilising the same spectrum that a single user would use with conventional wireless technology, with degradation in performance, no dead zones, no interference between users and no reduction in data rate as more users are added.

It looks like Gilliard's haste to please the Greens will see the N.B.N. immediately become a dinosaur and our billions would be down-the-toilet! Another Labor big spend linked with a missed opportunity.

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