Saturday, August 6, 2011

Blood & Gore is Coming Your Way !

We all know how the mainstream (more like LAMEstream) media loves to portray Al Gore the visionary "eco-prophet" who shared the undeserved 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for his climate advocacy. But is Al Gore truly such a selfless do-gooder? What does it say about the motives of an environmental crusader when that person stands poised to rake in billions (yes, billions) of dollars from the very carbon credit trading scheme that he is tirelessly advocating?

That is exactly the position that Al Gore finds himself in. The leading advocate of the"theory of man-made global warming" is also one of the people who would likely benefit the most financially from the implementation of a "Cap & Trade" carbon credit trading scheme. You see, Al Gore is chairman of Generation Investment Management. David Blood, the former chief executive of the ratbag Goldman Sachs Asset Management, is the CEO.

Thus the apropos nickname - BLOOD and GORE - Wikipedia describes this Blood & Gore alliance this way: Generation Investment Management LLP (GIM) is a London-based investment management firm with an investment style that blends traditional equity research with a focus on sustainabilty factors, including social and environmental resposibilty and corprate governance.

It all sounds very noble, doesn't it? But the bottom line is that GIM is about making money...and lots of it. GIM owns a 10% stakes in the Chicago Climate Exchange which was started by Big Al and Maurice Strong as a "privately-owned" company in which the corrupt Chicage political machine (including Obama) invested. Obama was never the character he created for himself in the fairy-tale version in "Dreams of my Father". He's really the agent of Change and Hope for cohorts making money on the Global Warming fraud. Also to keep it in the "family", the Chicago Exchange owns half the European Climate Exchange.

Thus, when Europe adopted a cap & trade carbon credit scheme....Al Gore started earning millions. Gore insists that he is completely committed to solving the problems caused by "climate change" and that he is not ashamed of being ready to make tons of money off of those solutions. "I believe that the transition to a green economy is good for the world's economies and good for all of us and I have invested in it". Sure Al, we know your government subsidised Geothermal, Solar, Wind and Wave farms are great for your hip pocket alright.

The Way I See It....Al Gore isn't ready to back real environmental solutions which would not make him money. Just consider the following passage from a Newsweek article last year. "If we feed the biology and manage the grasslands appropriately, we could sequester as much carbon as we emit," says Timothy LaSalle, CEO of the Rodale Institute, who presented at two climate summits. The political clash is this: if you tell people soils can be managed to suck up lots of our carbon emissions, it sounds like a get-out-of-jail-free card and could decrease what little enthusiasm there is for the warmists hysteria to reduce emissions.

One of Gore's crony assistants actually told LaSalle to "dial down your estimate"! He didn't. From other investigations I think LaSalle's idea could really work. But...since it would not make Blood & Gore any money it is not as good as the cap & trade carbon trading scheme which, I might add, would dramatically raise energy it already has to the poor citizens of the European Union and their economies.

As Blood & Gore starts to rake in billions of dollars world-wide and with Australia set to start such a program of carbon trading perhaps we will finally learn the true meaning of this Al Gore quote.....Reality does have a way of knocking on your door. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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