Thursday, June 16, 2011

If Your Humped, You'll Get Bumped (Off) !

With the planet threatening to turn into a ball of fire, it's a relief to find the Australian government may have a solution. KILL THE CAMELS !

YES...shoot the buggers! From the SUV, from a helicopter. Exterminate...exterminate!

As you many of you know, Australia has had herds of camels roaming the Outback, left to be free after serving as supply carriers across the inland deserts to resupply the many isolated stations (ranches) over a hundred years ago. Being free to do what camels do, they have naturally bred up to many times their original numbers. But only now have they been revealed as a menace to the planet.

In a serious proposal, the Department of Climate Change has released a finding by the Northwest Carbon Company noting these cud-chewers BURP clouds of Methane. "Methane is a potent greenhouse gas," it warns us.

They go on to say that these camel burps are baking the planet....seriously! And so, under this proposal, we must shoot the camels to save ourselves. It's plans like this that make me wonder who the planet is actually being saved for. Certainly not for the camel.

The Way I See It....nobody has calculated whether the gain is worth the camels' pain? So I had a look at this detailed proposal to discover by how much the world's temperature would fall if we wiped out our camels. Strangely, that figure is missing. Indeed, it's always missing. And don't get me started on those stupid vegetarians that want to also annihilate the cattle and sheep in this country as well.

The Government never tells you by how much its global warming schemes--even its $11 billion a year carbon dioxide tax--will cut the expected temperature. Is it embarrassment that stops it from saying? After all, the real answer is virtually ZERO. Or is it just a symptom of mass delusion, in which no one stops to ask why are we doing all this? I think there are some people in government that need a good Bitch-Slapping to snap them out of it!

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