Monday, June 13, 2011

Are Contrails really CHEM-Trails ?

Contrails...those parallel white lines emitted from airplanes streaking across the sky. They are a rare sight in many parts of the world but over the past year Americans have noticed more and more of these obvious trails extending from horizon to horizon. Some days, my relatives tell me, they are so thick and in such an obvious pattern they are convinced something is going on. A serious idea put forward is that GEOENGINEERING is being conducted to prevent global warming. I wouldn't put it past the Eco-Fascists to try something like this. Already, Tim Flannery, Australia's own warmist fanatic floated a similar idea but he wanted sulphric acid sprayed in the upper atmosphere to reflect sunlight. Crazy!

How? By reflecting more of the sun's heat into outer space using artificial clouds. If they are using a mixture of barium and nano-sized aluminium to make the cloud mixture, as many are now saying, we are in serious trouble. The Council on Foreign Relations posted a series of papers on its website hailing the benefits of Geoengineering. In these papers, environmental scientists, "warmist" climatologists and rabid political scientists discussed the urgency for such a project. While they did not admit that such a program was presently active but they did suggest that the public needed to be told some very frightening stories of doom to force the program into reality.

Biologists in Hawaii and several states in the continental United States have recorded rising aluminium levels in soil samples, as well as in lakes and various plants. These levels are of considerable concern, because if these massive amounts of aluminum are being sprayed into the atmosphere, we will see a dramatic rise in a number of diseases, including pulmonary diseases, asthma and neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative diseases. Nanosized aluminum is considerably more inflammatory and destructive to the brain as it poisons vital cell functions and is linked to Alzheimer's dementia, Parkinson's disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Because aluminium has been shown to produce significant brain inflammation, it can disrupt early brain development. Children exposed to aluminum during their first 5 years will be at risk. It's bad enough that parents still get their children inoculated with aluminium containing vaccines. Also it promotes bronchiospasm which damages the lining of the lungs. People with asthma and chronic pulmonary diseases are at the greatest risk from airborne aluminium.

The Way I See It....spraying the atmosphere with thousands of tons on nanosized aluminium particles everyday with the hope that this would decrease global warming in any significant way, especially when there hasn't been any real warming in the last 10 years, is morally irresponsible. What they will get is an increase in many diseases, because plants would concentrate the aluminium in leaves and fruits, our food would become incredibly contaminated. Animals that ate the plants would also be contaminated.

Include the massive amounts of aluminium criminally added to vaccines and America's future that could spread to the rest of the world's is in real jeopardy. We all need to find out if this program is in effect, if it is..we must stop it! I appeal to my many followers to do their own investigating and get back to me with their findings. Let's keep the sky Watermelon Proof!

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