Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hitler was a Green Guru Too ( He's back !)

With a new year to celebrate, it's time to seriously reflect on the coming years ahead. It seems a lot of the Green movement had it's roots in Hitler's era and such thinking is back and changing us so fast that we can't say how our society will look by the time we die.

A kind of eugenics is with us again, along with an obsession for perfect bodies. Children in the womb are being killed mid-term for the sin of being a dwarf, for instance, and famed animal rights philosopher Peter Singer wants parents to kill deformed children in their first few months of life. Meanwhile support for euthanasia for the sick. tired or incompetent grows.

As for tribalism, that's also back---and as official Labor left-wing policy. We now pay people to bury their individuality in tribes, giving them multicultural grants or even an Aboriginal "Parliament"! God help us! But most dangerous is that we strip our children of pride, security and even hope. They are taught that God is dead and so is the morality that sprang from that Judeo-Christian legacy, our institutions corrupt, our people racist, our land ruined, our past evil and our future doomed by global warming. No wonder the suicide rate is growing in the young.

They are then fed a culture that romanticises violence and worships sex---telling them there is nothing more to life than the cravings of their bodies. No one can live like this and be fulfilled. People need to feel part of something bigger and better than ourselves--a family, or a church, or a tradition or a country. Or, as the devil may whisper and seduce, "the Greens, the Greens."

Hitler was an avid vegetarian and greenie and also addicted to homeopathic cures. His regime sponsored the creation of organic farming as well. Hitler also banned medical experiments on animals, but not as we know to our grief, on Jewish children. He created many national parks, many called "sacred" forests. The Nazis drew heavily on a romantic, anti-science, nature worshipping, communal and anti-capitalist movement that tied German identity to the forests. If fact, Professor Raymond Dominick notes in his book, "The Environmental Movement in Germany", two-thirds of the members of Germany's nature clubs had joined the Nazi Party by 1939, compared with 10% of all men. The Nazis also organized the German Youth Movement which indoctrinated the young into our mystical relationship with the earth.

Peter Staudenmaier, co-author of "Ecofascism: Lessons from the German Experience", says it was for the Hitler Youth that the philosopher Ludwig Klages wrote his influential essay "Man and Earth". In it he warned of the growing extinction of species, the destruction of forests, the disruption of the ecosystem and the killing of whales. People were losing their relationship with nature, he warned. Sressing that Man must submit to the protection of Nature.

Heard all that recently? I'm not surprised. This essay by a notorious anti-Semite was republished in 1980 to mark the birth of the German Greens---the party that inspired the creation of our own Greens Party. Its message is much as Hitler's own Mein Kampf: "When people attempt to ignore the iron logic of nature, their actions against that nature must lead to their downfall." Why does that matter now you ask? Because we must learn that people who want animals to be treated like humans really want humans to be treated like animals. By that I mean that we must realize a movement that stresses "natural order" and the low place of man in a fragile world, is more likely to think man is too insignificant to stand in the way of Mother Earth, or the Fatherland or some other man-hating god.

The Way I See is here already...big time. A Greenpeace co-founder, Paul Watson, called humans the "AIDS of the Earth", and one of the three founders of the German Greens, Herbert Gruhl, said the environmental crisis was so acute the state needed perhaps "dictatorial powers'' (Seig Heil!) And our growing church-of-nature worshippers insist that science make way for their fundamentalist dogma, bringing us closer to a society in which muscle, not minds, must rule. Former head of Greenpeace International, Patrick Moore, says "In the name of speaking for trees and other species, we are faced with a movement that would usher in an era of ECO-FASCISM."

This threat is still small but growing. They do it by seducing our present-day disenfranchised youth with their manta of saving the planet and teaching them that sacrificing their future wellbeing is the only way to achieve it. Be warned....if we don't resist the "watermelons'' siren-song today, who knows where it will sweep us humans tomorrow?

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