Monday, December 27, 2010

Global Warming Turns Into a Joke

The great global warming scare is dying not with a bang, or even a whimper. Try a great horse laugh!! Early this month, 20,000 activists, watermelons, politicians and carpetbaggers met in the Mexican resort city of Cancun. They were there for the latest United Nations conference on how to make everyone also cut the emissions caused by, for instance, flying a population the size of a small city to a Mexican beach. Did anyone hear of Tele-Conferencing?

These are the emissions we're told are heating the world so dangerously that Europe is now gripped by one of the coldest winters in a generation. Today, my friends in New York emailed saying they are expecting a blizzard with an 18 inch snowfall in the next few hours. Indeed it was so bad that Vicky Pope, a warming pundit from Britain's Meteorological Office, was trapped in London by the snow that the Met's own climate models failed to predict and couldn't fly to Cancun to explain how hot the world is becoming.

Remember, this kind of thing dogged the UN's climate mega-summit in Copenhagen a year ago. The heavens dumped 10cm of snow on the city in one night alone, while blizzards threatened America's eastern seaboard down to Florida. Now, presently, in our case here on the eastern coast of Australia we are, for the past 3 weeks, getting continual torrential rain that our own warmist-leaning Bureau of Meteorology didn't see coming either, having predicted a drier Spring.

Never mind the weak predictions. Fresh off their jets and cooled by the resort's airconditioners, the Cancun evangelists are learning of cheery plans to put the rest of us on rations to restrict our use of such things as planes, air-coolers and that filthy gasoline all the while listening to Salsa bands flown in from Acapulco. Indeed, our own warmist-deadshit Prof Gary Egger from Southern Cross University has proudly told the summit-fest that's he's got $390,000 from our Gillard Government to test the first rationing scheme on Norfolk Island. (See my November posting: "Watermelons invade Norfolk Island")

How did we ever succumb to this madness? Actually, WikiLeaks may help us to understand, having now published leaked US diplomatic cables revealing Obama's socialist Government finances whole nations to give in to the warming faith. In February this year, an ambassador from the Maldives told US deputy for climate change envoy Jonathan Pershing that if the US handed over "tangible assistance", other nations would realize "the advantages to be gained by compliance" with the accord agreed to at the Copenhagen summit. He mentioned a figure of $50 million!

The Way I See It....does the Maldives Government REALLY believe warming will drown its island nation? You'd think not, given it's building a brand new airport right by the sea, so even more tourists can fly in. Everyone from cynical scientists, environmentalists, greenie-leftists, and politicians with hands in subsidized green technologies are using climate change/global warming as a cash gravy train.

It's man-made, all right, this Climate of Opinion----made by an army of salvation seekers, grant seekers and pleasure seekers, that were doing the samba in Cancun while we sandbag towns from the floods they told us not to expect again in this strangely, madly over-heated world.

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