Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Muslim Extremists in Oz !

In today's Australian newspaper, an almost full page article by highly respected journalist, Sally Neighbor, reported a global extremist Islamic group, called by another stupid name, Hizb-ut-Tahrir (HT), was hosting a convention in Sydney with over 500 people attending. They heard dirt-bag preachers calling for all Australian Muslims to "disengage" from our democracy because it is incompatible with Islam. This is very disturbing!

The report by Ms Neighbor is causing real concern because this extreme Islamic group is already banned in some countries like Germany for promoting anti-Semitic literature and conduct, yet here in Australia we tolerate their hateful preaching and dangerous assembly. Australia is a secular society and not a theocracy like most backward Muslim countries. We, in the West, have found out hundreds of years ago that no good can come out of mixing Church and State as this extreme Islamic group of rat-bags clearly preaches. The Mullahs, the Koran and Sharia law belong in the Dark Ages and should remain in the "dustbin of History"

A spokesman for this group (HT) also appeared on the Today Show espousing that democracy is not in the fabric of Islamic society and allows Muslims in Western countries to forget the suffering and struggles that Muslims have had to put up with from western dominance. "These moderate Muslims should be more radial towards western values", he said, after which the co-host, Lisa asked, "how would Christians or Jewish protesters, like you are doing, be treated in any of your Muslim countries?" The scum-bag didn't answer.

Australia's heritage and background is Judeo-Christian and its culture is one of inclusion, openness and transparency. It is not our culture to exclude, nor is it one that aims to suppress women's rights of equality, openness and full political participation. Therefore, let us support Senator Fred Nile, and have a full and fearless debate on whether women should be required to wear the head-to-toe niqab, or the burka. Already seven European countries, including Belgium and France, have had enough of this antiquated tradition in their midst and are legislating against it.

Australia is a proud modern country whose people place a high value on the rule of law, the separation of powers and parliamentary democracy. Migrants who integrate, enrich and contribute to our great nation are always welcome. Those who do not because they hold misguided, violent political agendas and Koran-polluted belief systems that do not match the DNA of our society or values should not be welcome.

The Way I See it....our two national political leaders, Prime Minister Gillard and Opposition Leader Abbott, should join together and repudiate the extremism of this global movement and to guarantee that none of its international preachers and associated Muslim-scum ever receive a visa to step onto Australian soil again!

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