Tuesday, July 20, 2010

GREEN with N-V (non-viability)

We're all going to the polls here in Australia in 4 weeks to chose between the better one of the 2 political parties; Liberal Coalition (conservative) and Labor (left-leaning). However, the decision could be made a lot easier now that we hear the Greens Party has decided to give their preferences to Labor. Of course we don't know what kind of concessions Labor has given to the Greens for this windfall of votes to get a win in this election. Has our Prime Minister, Julia Gillard (a foreign-born, atheist and a childless defacto), sold her climate-soul to these Watermelons to beat the Liberals?

Watermelons they are...through and through. Distinctively Green on the outside but oh so Red on the inside. In spite of more and more evidence that climate change is a natural variation in our Earth's history and CO2 is not responsible, their socialist agenda to save the world from ourselves is quite mindboggling! Here is an excerpt of an interview Andrew Bolt (Herald-Sun reporter) had with the Victorian Greens MP, Greg Barber.

Andrew: Your party is demanding instant closure of the Hazelwood power station, that happens to produce 25% of our state's electricity. Your policy is to shut every coal-fired plant as well, leaving us with just 5% of the electricity we now use, so how are you going to replace the power we need to keep our hospitals, factories, trains, homes, etc. with nuclear power banned, new hydro-power banned and just relying on unreliable solar and wind?

Greg: The simplest way is to save energy rather than use it in the first place.

Andrew: Save 95% of our energy ????

Greg: I've cut my energy bill by half and you don't see my family freezing.

Andrew: Ninety-five per cent of our energy comes from coal-fired power plants. I'm asking, how would you replace 95% of our power?

Greg: I'd say homes and businesses around Australia could probably cut their energy bills by half and they wouldn't even notice it. It's called energy efficiency!

Andrew: A factory...how would that cut its power by half ?

Greg: Ah, lighting, heating and air conditioning.


Greg: Well, businesses are already trying to achieve it.

Andrew: HALF ! No Greg. That is not credible.

Greg: The Greens will make it happen.

Oh, please! If you think this Green future is remotely logical to you, consider first, before voting for them or their Labor cronies, going to your home, business or factory and switch off half the power. You'll think it's a noble policy, which sounds warm and fuzzy, until you realise it will leave you cold and shivering, while making not a spit of difference to the planet.

The Way I See It....there is a level of stupidity in all this. Let me try to get it through your cable-knit beanie how virtually impossible this extreme Green Dream of "USE-LESS" is to fulfill without causing a major reduction in our standard of living to a degree endured by people who burn cow-dung for their cooking. Show the Greens and their political ilk that their guilt trip is USELESS on you and you'll be moving forward with a party that doesn't buy the catastrophe hype of a "man-caused" warmer world, knowing it is better than going backwards to the Middle Ages!

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  1. OUch,,as much as I detest labor, I am a foreign born, athiest de-facto!!! x