Sunday, April 11, 2010

Here Come the Carbon Cops !

Beware Australia! This can be bigger than Kevin Rudd's Carbon Caps if these people get their way. Australia's has its fair share of Hippies, Tree-Huggers and Greenies but Super Greenies are another story. These are professional "WATERMELONS" who are so Green on the Outside but oh so RED on the Inside. These Commie-leaning bastards have money and are trying to use their Power to tell you how to enjoy a restricted you can Save-the-Planet!!

In this context, such deprivations of freedom are just fine even for the far left's feelings about civil liberty encroachment. In fact, the global warming agenda poses a far greater threat to individual liberties than most imagine. As columnist Mark Steyn notes, "It's fascinating to observe how almost any old totalitarian racket becomes respectable once it's cloaked in enviro-hooey!"

The Carbon Sense Coalition in Australia wants the government and business community to acknowledge the role that agricultural soils can play in addressing the Global Warming crisis. They say that farmers can play a central role in sequestering carbon in soils fostering deep-rooted plant species. They say this carbon-sink approach is better than growing forests. To further their "philosophy of dirt", they have offered the following compilation of proposals to use the country's laws to modify our behavior in the name of global warming:

  • Ban open fires and pot bellied stoves

  • Ban coal-fired power generation

  • Ban Plasma and LCD TVs

  • Ban new and extensions to airports

  • Ban "standby mode" on appliances

  • Ban electric hot water systems

  • Ban vacationing by car

  • Ban three day weekends

  • Tax big cars (are big people next?)

  • Tax supermarket parking areas

  • Tax holiday plane flights

  • Tax second cars and motorcycles

  • Tax babies (their needs require a large carbon footprint)

  • Eco-tax for cars entering cities

  • Require permits to drive beyond your city's limits

  • Limit choice in appliances available

  • Dictate fuel usage standards

  • Remove white lines on roads to make motorists drive more carefully (no kidding!)

Of course, these restrictions in practice will be upon the masses, not the elitist committee, who will continue to commute in private cars and private jets (right Mr Gore ?) and claim phoney reductions when it suits them to nag others. You can see the warmist agenda, even down here in Australia, threatens to undermine our freedom and the world's economic and social order. Welcome to the new MIDDLE AGES!


  1. Hi Doc, Great to see your Blog, and that someone has the courage to say it like it really is! Keep up the non politically correct opinion's. Sadly, re the above article there are a lot of double standards where people are continuing to abuse what they are supposedly defending. Great to see u blogging ... Peter.

  2. Just checking to see if I have worked this out Frank.