Sunday, April 18, 2010

ANCEL KEYS & His Phoney Fat Myth !

We've all been fed a diet of Bull about saturated fat by nutritional scientists who just KNOW they are right, regardless of the evidence. They and the medical profession have been duped into believing and disseminating one big unhealthy myth that "Saturated Fat Causes Heart Disease." This demonetization of saturated fat began in 1953 with Dr Ancel Keys' publication of a paper comparing fat intake and heart disease mortality. He even convinced the American Heart Foundation with his combination of dodgy science and force of personality to promote carbs over fat in dietary advice. So strong was his spell that the repeated failure of large clinical studies to back his claims has made no difference.

This unethical bum used epidemiological studies to prove that fat was bad, but out of the numerous populations he studied he left out the ones that did not prove his point, such as France and Switzerland. He "cherry-picked" his facts! By the early 1960's the promotion of the low at diet gained momentum and was causing havoc with our health. The idea that saturated fat is bad for your heart became so ingrained in the health community, that anyone daring enough to question this dogma was viewed as a quack, regardless of the evidence saying that SATURATED FAT IS NOT THE CAUSE OF HEART DISEASE !

It was Dr Keys that began the rise in Trans Fats in our foods by relentlessly promoting that animal fats were bad and vegetable fats were good. So margarine and partially hydrogenated vegetable oils became the fats of choice and the surge in diabetes, cancer and heart disease began and now are our biggest killers. Medical scientists now know that the shunning and replacement of saturated fat with a higher carbohydrate intake, particularly refined carbs (in sugars & processed foods) can exacerbate insulin resistance and obesity, increase triglycerides and small LDL particles and reduce beneficial HDL cholesterol.

Your body needs some amount of saturated fat to stay healthy. What you don't need however, are Trans Fats and High Fructose Corn Sugar in excess of 15 grams a day. With the average person now consuming 75 gms of fructose (mainly in sweets and sodas) one can understand why we have an obesity epidemic. Dr Keys' Fat Myth has done untold damage to people's health for so long. His only good accomplishment was his inventing "K" (after Keys) Rations for the military.

The way I see it... for a life-time of good health you simply have to reduce and than eliminate processed foods while lowering your intake of sugar and carbs. The saturated fats you'll be consuming in your diet provide a concentrated source of energy and provide the building blocks of cell membranes and a variety of hormones. They slow down absorption so you can go longer without feeling hungry and they act as as carriers for important fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. So go ahead and enjoy your meats, dairy products(butter, cheese, milk, cream), and cook with high-heat tolerating Rice and Coconut oils.....GUILT FREE !

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  1. Couldnt agree more 'Doc'..Centuries ago people were eating and enjoying fat, lard, joints of meat, cream, cheese, milk pudings, and so on.
    Whilst I agree with limiting a certain amount of fat intake, there is too much 'scare mongering' going on out there.
    Personally my choice of oil is very good extra virgin, but obviously not for high heatfrying, although it can be used but will slow down the process considerably.
    If we watch closer and learn from our fellow 'Mediterranean neighbours', we will then understand and enjoy the benefit of good eating.
    Thanks for continuing insight.