Friday, May 11, 2018


The never Trumpers must surely now reconsider him as likely to be America’s greatest ever President. For those who still have a preference for Obama and Clinton please consider this:
When the Obama Administration sat down to construct a deal for Iran to have nuclear weapons within the decade (seven years now left) Obama and Kerry ignored American hostages being held by Iran.  As we now know, Iran does not recognise dual citizenship, so it refuses to allow even a consular visit to those being held.
At least five Americans were still being tortured and/or condemned to hard labour while the Iran deal was being wrapped up by John Kerry and his associates.Those hostages didn’t even make it to the bargaining table.
It was only after this shocking deal was finalised that Obama “swapped” Iranians America was holding without trial for American hostages in an unrelated arrangement.
The difference between how Obama sees the world and how Trump sees it, is that the three hostages held by North Korea have now been released before anyone has even decided on where the table is to be sited. 
Trump is welcoming them home at the Andrews Joint Airforce Base at 2AM today.
It will be interesting to see how the Washington Post and CNN spins this one. Media still haven’t come to terms with a President who does what he promises to do…it is so un-Clinton and so un-Obama. 
Trump is rebuilding US foreign policy to where it is no longer treated as a joke by nefarious States and European nations and still the mad Left refuses to acknowledge anything he has done, except a porn star.
Meanwhile the Senate is conducting a confirmation hearing on Trump’s nomination for CIA Director, Gina Haspel (above). The desperate Democrats, in the belief that Trump cannot do anything constructive, have set about tearing her down. It isn’t working…she will be confirmed! 
                                                    Interrogator Feinstein
An example of Democrat questioning: “Have you ever been alone in the Oval Office with President Trump?” 
The Way I See It....... just want to say that I now believe there is at least one woman in a high place who is the equal of, and probably better than, any man.
I have said this before and you can tear me to bits again; “There is nothing more sexy than a highly intelligent woman of any age (even 61) and any shape.” 
She will be a welcome adornment to the Agency. 

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