Friday, March 16, 2018

“We Are Not Visitors”: Muslims Proclaim as They Take Over SWEDEN !

The Vaxjo Muslim Foundation, led by Ismail Abu Helal in Sweden, has recently submitted an application to play a call to prayer on Fridays that would ring out through the streets.
They want to recite the Azan, the Muslim call to prayer, on Fridays to signal to Muslims in Araby (a district in Sweden with a majority foreign-born population), that it is time to come worship at the mosque.
Muslims in Stockholm have already been granted this privilege and have been blasting this message of the Azan through the streets since March of 2013. One city at a time, Sweden is turning into a Muslim nation.
In the beginning of the call to prayer, “Allahu Akbar” (God is good) will be repeated four times. If this phrase sounds familiar, it is because Muslim terrorists often shout this before committing heinous crimes.
Then “Ashhadu an la ilaha illa allah” will be repeated twice, and this translates to; I bear witness there is no god except the one god. Muslims do not worship the Christian God that Sweden has for centuries.
Following that, “Ashadu anna Muhammadon Rasool Allah” will sound off twice, and this translates to; I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of God.
Then more Muslim gibberish, “Hayya ala-s-Salah” repeats twice and translates; Rise up to prayer or hurry to the prayer. Next, “Hayya ala-l-Falah” sounds off twice which translates as; Rise up for salvation.
Finally, it will end with “Alluha Akbar” sounding off twice more, followed by “La ilaha illa Allah”
Sweden has freedom of religion much like the United States does, however, both countries are fundamentally Christian, and the majority worship the Christian God.
Values are also drawn in both nations from their Christian Heritage.
The values of Islam do not align with those of Christianity. Muslim countries around the world display their incompatibility with western values.
While most Muslim nations are third world countries where you would expect some obscene practices to take place, places such as the United Arab Emirates that are not incredibly poor, continue to carry on the practices of Islam that are incompatible with civilized societies.
Allowing Muslims in Sweden to broadcast this message which praises Muhammad runs contrary to the values, including women liberties and rights that Sweden claims to stand for. Sweden has the second highest incedence of rape cases after Nigeria!  Time for deportations to begin.....
Muhammad married a little girl at the age of six and consummated the marriage when she was only nine. This filth comes straight from their holy text, the Quran.
Without drastic measures taken, Sweden faces more than just a cultural shift toward a sinister religion. Sweden is facing a demographic replacement of their people. Swedish men and women are not having children at the rate of the Muslim masses they have let in from the Middle East and Africa.
What’s more, the people of Sweden are paying for their own dispossession of the land their ancestors occupied for thousands of years.
Sweden has one of the most generous welfare states on the planet, and the hordes that have migrated there are being given free housing, education, healthcare, food, and cash, which they are consuming at a vastly disproportional rate.
Sweden has taken in too many Muslims from the third world and kowtowing to their interest is a detriment to their people and the future of their nation. If current trends continue, Islam will have conquered Sweden without having to fire a single bullet.
Muslims decry, “We are not visitors…this is our home.” They have no intention of returning to their homeland, although presumably they were accepted as refugees under the assumption when their countries became safe they would return.
The government seems poised to allow this new region to broadcast the Muslim call to prayer throughout another city. Pia Ringus, the woman handling the case said, “As I see it, it will be hard for us to say no…”  In reality, Switzerland has shown the way by banning minarets on mosques.
The Way I See It.......the Swedish government has all but abandoned the interest of their people in favor of a replacement population.
Their only hope seems to lie in the current rise of right-wing political parties that have argued against the mass immigration and Islamization of their country.
If Sweden does not act fast, within a few years there will be Muslim prayer calls from coast to coast throughout the entire country, and eventually, it may look like some cities in America, such as Hamtramck, that have mosques currently broadcasting the call to prayer throughout the streets five times a day, seven days a week, starting at 6 a.m. This is the Sound of Domination !

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