Friday, October 27, 2017


With robotic repetition, world leaders again utter, “Our thoughts and prayers go out to…”. “If it was not a lone wolf, then it was a small Islamic cell.” “He was radicalised on-line.” “We must remain vigilant, blah blah blah”, While these useless bastards remain safe in their palaces, white houses and Lodges, only their subjects remain at risk.

There is only one common thread in all ISIS attacks on Westerners, and that common thread is Islam. And until Islam is demonised and denigrated to where it is vilified by all decent religions and atheists alike there can be no solution to this vile,
stone-age cult only fools like George Brandis call a religion.
Western leaders are hiding behind the cloak of “freedom of religion” when there is no religion involved any more than a religion is involved with the KKK. They are both dangerous cults professing intense hatred, except the Left only targets the KKK despite that crosses are no longer burnt on front lawns and black slaves are no longer hung from the nearest tree.
Yet the continuing murders committed in the name of Islam are met with no more than the same old continuing platitudes and sympathy for “unradicalised” Muslims. There is no such thing as an unradicalised Muslim, there are only those who don’t own up to what they passionately believe in. Islam by its very nature is radical, and those who don’t adhere to its teachings cannot possibly be Muslims (and that's their law, not ours).
Across Europe, the US and here our leaders explain that Muslims must be cossetted in order for them to “dob in” their radical sons and daughters. What a load of camel shit! It’s high fives all round by all when infidels are murdered. And it’s high time our foolish agencies and lawmakers woke up, grasped the nettle, bit the bullet and faced an enemy that has declared war on us on a higher scale than has North Korea.
The only reason Muslims want a foothold in the West is to destroy it. Until we understand they are not here to enjoy our way of life, but to impose theirs, then we can never stop them killing us. Our leaders have no will to stop them. Their hideous PC culture, orchestrated from their unapproachable towers, is a far more important ambition.
Weak demonstrations of pain from a senator wearing a burka is met by an outburst from a dumb Left wing oaf like George Brandis who is duly applauded by all sides. What hope is there when a lone voice that calls for an earnest condemnation of
Islamic subjugation of women is criticised by all sides of Parliament and our failed media?
Business as usual when only a few hours later another Muslim ploughs through crowds of European holidaymakers in a truck. “But he was a lone wolf”? “He had been radicalised on his laptop”? “We must unradicalise this poor misguided soul”? “We must find him a meaningful job so his weak mind won’t stray”? 
WTF is wrong with our leaders? Can there be greater fools than Macron, Trudeau, Merkel, Turnbull, the lunatic Pope and their UN partners? 
For Christ’s sake we are at war with the devil and we are supplying him with the weapons to kill us with… and when he does, we feel obliged to pay for his counselling.
The Way I See It.......only Trump stands in the way of an Islamic victory but he is close to throwing his hands in the air and moving to Scotland in dismay that his own Party would prefer Islam has a victory than he.
If a Zika Kid’s rocket lands harmlessly within 50 mile of Guam it’s world war III, but thousands of Westerners are continuously being murdered in the name of Islam and we call for a fucking counsellor? 

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