Friday, April 21, 2017

The Real Danger is not Militant Islam but the Enemy Within !

OUR biggest broadcaster, the taxpayer-funded ABC, employs scarf-wearing Muslim presenters such as
Yassmin Abdel-Magied to portray Islam as being no threat.
Last month, Abdel-Magied even used the ABC to proclaim Islam as “the most feminist religion”. Forget Saudi Arabia. Forget the niqab. Forget what the Koran actually says. LIAR!
The ABC’s apologetics became even more absurd a week later, when Keysar Trad, president of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, confirmed on The Bolt Report that the Koran instructed men to beat disobedient wives.
To be fair, he insisted that this was a “last resort”.
But this startling contradiction of Abdel-Magied’s claim that Islam was “feminist” was ignored by every one of the ABC’s current affairs shows and main radio presenters.
Meanwhile, the ABC’s news website carried no fewer than four more stories attacking Christianity and Catholics.
Other Left-wing media, including The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, and Guardian Australia, also refused to report Trad’s comments, even though federal ministers were condemning them.
These journalists would seemingly rather protect Islam from scrutiny than protect women from a beating.
At least the ABC’s head of editorial policy, Alan Sunderland, admitted in a Senate hearing that the ABC’s lack of reporting “wasn’t good enough”.
Yet look what continues. Just yesterday, ABC host Barrie Cassidy rebuked One Nation leader Pauline Hanson (below) for warning against sharia law.

Cassidy protested that Australian Muslims “all say that they’re prepared to obey Australian law and operate under that basis”.
Really?  All?  How about the scores of Hizb ut Tahrir supporters who marched through Lakemba, chanting: “From Lakemba to Gaza, One call ‘khalifa’ (caliphate).”

OPPOSITION Leader Bill ''Shithead'' Shorten three weeks ago demonstrated the self-loathing that makes so many of the Left so reluctant to defend our culture.
The federal Labor leader gave a speech blaming white Australians for the failure of so many Aborigines to find work, send their children to school, or stop beating their wives.
“We poisoned the water holes,” Shorten claimed. “We distributed blankets infested with diseases we knew would kill.”
Both claims are false. As I’ve explained in a recent column, there is no proof anywhere of either allegation, meant to portray mainstream Australia as riddled
with vicious racism.
Yet not a single Canberra reporter called Shorten out. I assume most thought his vile falsehoods true.
Likewise, virtually no journalist or politician dares acknowledge there is no proof, either, of the “stolen generations” — the 100,000 children the Human Rights Commission claimed were stolen from their parents by officials just because they were Aboriginal.
To this day, not a single activist has met  my challenge to name even 10 such children, yet we have the “stolen generations” now being taught in schools.
The Way I See It.......the Leftist element infesting Australia use this as a  way to poison any love of this country.

What a way to teach Muslim children th using this ais country is contemptible, and to teach non-Muslim Australians it’s not worth defending.

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