Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Trump Rright on Sweden, Media Wrong As Usual !!

Last week, Donald Trump  said: “You look at what's happening last night in Sweden." He's imprecise: he means  a documentary on Fox  on Sweden's trouble with illegal immigrants. But journalists mock, first claiming Trump had invented a terror attack, and then denying Sweden had problems. But one day later: riots in Stockholm's big immigrant district.
"Look at Sweden," Trump warned:
ABC presenter and main Scumbag Jon Faine mocks and gets on a Left-wing Swedish journalist to agree that all is fine in Sweden.
But while Trump used loose and misleading language he was pointing to a documentary - and the truth - about problems Sweden had with assimilating so many illegal immigrants:
Riots erupted in a heavily immigrant Stockholm suburb Monday night, as masked looters set cars ablaze and threw rocks at cops, injuring one police officer, Swedish officials said. 
The violence in Rinkeby began around 8 p.m., when officers arrested a suspect at an underground station on drug charges, The Local reported. A group soon gathered, hurling rocks and other objects at officers and prompting one cop to fire his gun “in a situation that demanded he use his firearm,” police
spokesman Lars Bystrom said.. 
Hours later, the Rinkeby riots began, with a second wave starting around 10:30 p.m. Seven or eight cars were set on fire and many stores saw looting, The Local reported. A photographer from media outlet Dagens Nyheter said a group of 15 people beat him as he tried to document the chaos..
Rinkeby is the same area where an Australian "60 Minutes" crew was attacked by a group of men in April 2016. The film crew was attempting to enter a so-called “no go zone,” which authorities deny they use as a label. Rinkeby, however, has been officially classified as one of 15 “particularly vulnerable” areas across Sweden.
Sweden has fallen victim to Muslim migrant horrors; ditto in Britain and Germany, but what sets Sweden apart is that it “has taken in more Islamic refugees than any other western country in the world,” and has, not coincidentally, become the rape capital of the West. 80% of Swedish police are considering quitting over the Muslim migrant danger.

Recently journalist and documentary filmmaker Ami Horwitz [actually Horowitz] went to Sweden to investigate the situation. When he started asking questions about filming, he was beaten by immigrants speaking Arabic. 
As Europe has naively opened its borders and allowed millions of migrants from the Middle East and North Africa to move in without expectation of assimilation to local culture and laws, rape has become an epidemic.Sweden, which has taken in more Islamic refugees than any other western country in the world, has become the rape capitol [sic] of the west.
The Way I See It.....the Trump haters are ignoring his real and serious point: Sweden has a big problem that all the weasel words and evasions from the Left cannot hide.As I’ve written before, leaders in European countries like Sweden, Germany and others are importing rape culture into their societies. Western women and children are paying the price for their decisions of “tolerance.” Hundreds-of-thousands of men from Islamic countries where women are treated as sex objects and property are given free reign not only to abuse the system, but do so knowing the government will hide their crimes.

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