Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A Legacy ???........What a Shameful Legacy Barack !!

You know there’s something wrong when a new world order communist, an avowed egalitarian socialist and UN-infatuated global warmist like Obama takes a kerosene spewing Boeing 747 to his golf games. What’s wrong is that Barack Obama is in the same mould as our Julia Gillard when it comes to leaving office gracefully with a pocket full of ill-gotten cash after planting dozens of land mines for the incoming government.
This black President is accusing Putin of debasing his glorious (read inglorious) legacy by hacking the Democrats’ emails during the election. Well, it may have been Moscow or possibly Cuba, or any  IT-competent eighth grader who disclosed emails about candidate Clinton. Possible only because it was her illegal email server, tucked away in her laundry somewhere, that was fair game for anyone with an interest in dirty politics. 
Every country hacks other countries’ servers... it’s too easy. Even China hacks our emails and somehow got hold of the new ASIO building’s blueprints that detailed critical wiring. The walls had to be removed and rewired as a result.
Feigned shock by the Democrats that the Ruskies actually hacked a rogue Clinton server is more an attempt to de-legitimise Trump’s election win. They will now continue that process hoping to gain miles of lost ground in the 2018 mid-term elections. But I suspect Trump will be further ahead by then because successful businessmen are far smarter than undemocratic politicians who lock themselves in their own private windowless dungeons. And don’t forget that Islam is violently opposed to democracy.
Most interesting was that the Democrats did not contest or deny the accuracy of any email. Many of them resigned on the basis that the emails were indeed genuine. A hacker certainly did not “meddle” in the election, that's an impossibility. Whoever it was, merely observed both Parties’ emails, but the Democrats’ emails proved far more entertaining. Anyway, Assange declared it was not the Russians who supplied WikiLeaks with the Podesta and Clinton emails... not that Assange can be trusted with the truth. Who knows and really, who cares? 
“Interfering in the election”, says Obama? What a load of frog shit, as was proved by the Greens’ recounts that actually showed it was Hillary Clinton who had unfairly accumulated too many votes, not Trump.
The Democrats want to imply that Trump’s election was engineered by the Russians, and therefore illegitimate. But even the dishonest Democrats privately admit it is a ridiculous proposition. But the White House can be charged with far more than hacking emails... It is guilty of changing foreign regimes, and what a mess they have made of those! 
The interesting addendum to Obama’s endless list of disasters is that it was he, yes Obama, who did much more than hack a foreign nation’s emails. He used US taxpayers’ funds to skew the democratic Egyptian general election in favour of his terrorist friends, the Muslim Brotherhood and its leader, Mohammed Morsi! (above)
Mr Morsi won that election but he barely had time to change the curtains in one of Cairo’s three Presidential palaces, before he was swept from Office and arrested, much to the chagrin of Obama’s White House. Nonetheless, Obama tried to mitigate this devastating loss by employing an army of his beloved and now footloose Muslim Brethren in Washington DC.
Obama’s more recent attempt at a foreign regime change was the use of millions more in taxpayers’ funds in an attempt to unseat the Right wing Netanyahu and fill the Knesset with Left wing Islamic terrorist sympathisers along with supporters of the Palestinians’ terrorist arm, Hamas, an organisation that also insists on the complete eradication of the Jewish State.
Obama also ensured Iran a path to nuclear weapons aimed at Tel Aviv. 
And Obama has the temerity to accuse the Russians of merely hacking emails which, even Obama would have to agree, had bugger all to do with the election result!  
Those who found it hard to believe that Obama’s true affection lay deep in Muslim terrorism and a hatred for Israel, should now be convinced after he supported the Palestinians over loyal US ally, Israel, in a UN resolution he was historically relied upon to veto. He didn't.
That shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, after all he did say that, "I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”  And the winds have now shifted in an ugly direction for Obama, with the help of aberrant Islamic UN member nations who have been joined by a despicable New Zealand, ahead of Russia's and Iraq's imminent destruction of ISIS headquarters, al Raqqa.
Obama’s true ambitions have become crystal clear now that he is being discarded to history with the reputation of the worst, most unpatriotic and pro Islamic President ever. He is on a hiding to nothing over the next three weeks and his real colour is in sharp focus at last. 
Trump will not be able to unwind that despicable United Nations resolution but he may be able to unwind the corrupt UN organisation itself. There is a good chance he might wander over to East 42nd Street, New York, during his lunch break and declare the UN building a doss house refuge for New York’s homeless, you know, those people the socialists Obama and Clinton never gave a damned fig about.
It won’t be all that difficult to dismantle the UN as the multitude of Islamic African and Middle Eastern nations that infect the premises never cough up their dues leaving US taxpayers to cover almost a quarter of the $8 billion in yearly running costs of the East Side brothel. 
The Way I See It.......Trump can defund it and withdraw from Permanent Security Council Membership to be followed shortly thereafter by France, and maybe even the UK, rendering the whole organisation defunct and leaving only Russia and China to play with each others’ dongers while the new Secretary General appoints even more observers to view the atrocities in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and other hot spots. “Repeal and replace”, as the Don likes to say.
He would also be repealing (but not replacing) the UN’s IPCC which has spent a king’s ransom trying to convince the world of global warming, a hoax Australia’s loony Left, many of whom are among Turnbull’s Liberals and still embrace global warming as part of a world wide redistribution of income.
Kevin Rudd would have made a wonderful replacement for the corrupt Ban Ki-Moon.

Is it just me or are there others who sense some big and long overdue changes afoot? 

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