Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Dr Wordsmith Takes Time For a Break !

After blogging for 6 years and with over 600 postings that received over 100,000 page views I am taking a much needed break from the keyboard. I am sincerely grateful and thank you for your interest over this time.

It's much needed since I am going under the knife in 2 days for a total knee replacement that will not only entail a comprehensive two week hospital stay requiring serious healing time thrown in with two months of ''residential rest''. 

This free time from blogging and my practice will finally allow me to find time to make headway into my autobiography that has been frequently solicited by my family, mainly my nine lovely grandchildren.

I know I'll miss writing my insightful articles that my readers from over 25 countries read weekly but there's a lot of food-for-thought sitting in those postings that should keep you all busy to enjoy for a while. I'm proud to have this volume of work that has been helpful in giving people a different point of view from the overbearing Leftist agenda so often found in today's media outlets.

So now I will wish all the best for the new year and for those of you don't go for the political correct phrase, 'Happy Holidays'', I wish you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS. Let's hope we'll see more love and kindness and less hatred in the world so we can be more grateful that we live on this beautiful planet.

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