Friday, October 16, 2015

On Inventing Feminist Victims !

The me-me-me generation of feminists are more interested in inventing their own victimhood than in helping real victims, says Christina Hoff-Sommers:
Christina Hoff-Sommers
This past year I visited and spoke at several US campuses, including Yale, UCLA, Oberlin, and Georgetown. I found activist feminist students passionately absorbed in the cause of liberating themselves from the grasp of the oppressive patriarchal order. Their trigger warnings, safe spaces and micro-aggression watches are all about saving themselves from the ravages of the male hegemony. 

It’s not that they don’t feel bad for women in places like Iran or Yemen. They do. But they believe they share a similar fate…
But too often, today’s gender activists are not fighting injustice, but fighting phantom epidemics and nursing petty grievances. Two leading feminist hashtags of 2015 are #FreeTheNipples and #LovetheLines. The former is a campaign to desexualise women’s breasts; the latter promotes stretch-mark acceptance. If the imprisoned women of Iran and Afghanistan were free to tweet, what would they say about these struggles? It's so pathetic isn't it?
Miranda Devine's sobering comments:
(Her photo is below)

We are under attack from the patriarchy, hostage to a rape culture, all at risk of domestic violence, held down by the glass ceiling, and not paid as much as men for equal work. 
Pity none of this is true, and in fact women in Australia have more freedoms and equality than at any time in our history.
So when a brute alpha male like Mark Latham, the maverick former Labor leader, stomps through the cosy media consensus to slay these lies, the entire apparatus of victim feminism rises up against him.  

He gives back twice as good as he gets, and so the professional offenderati who gathered at the Melbourne Writers’ Festival on Saturday to hear him talk got the vapours when he peppered his home truths with foul-mouthed aggression…

Then there was idiot writer and social researcher Rebecca Huntley, who recounted her “terrifying” encounter with Latham the morning after his star turn in
Melbourne.  (Photo  of the two on the right)

By her own admission Huntley had once written that Latham, who takes care of his three children while his wife works, was a “stay at home psycho”. Why did she think that she could write something so malicious and unfounded and suffer no consequences?
He confronted me about the comment .  He stood very close to me and said, “How would you like it if I called you a deranged slut?"
 “Afterwards I was shaken,'' Huntley wrote. “How do I get my kids out of the hotel without encountering him again? I was genuinely concerned he might have more nasty things to say.” Maybe she should have thought of that before she called him a “stay at home psycho”.

The Way I See It......women have been so introspective in their own Western world of perceived slights and discrimination that I wonder why isn’t there a fight against ISIS a feminist issue? Why this near-silence in the face of the most horrific was on women seen in our lifetime? Amazing!

ABC’s Four Corners aptly revealed such ghastly crimes against women that any feminist who does not demand action betrays their deepest principles.

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