Sunday, July 26, 2015

Socialist Filth tried to shout down & intimadate Reclaim Australia protesters !

Here is the speech that MP George Christensen prepared for the Mackay Reclaim Australia rally last weekend. Christensen (photo below)  has been maligned and attacked by journalists and human rights commissions for giving it, but tell me exactly what he says that is offensive - more offensive than the message of  those Leftist Scum who tried to scream him down?

''We all have a voice: Notwithstanding our choice to use it or not. Notwithstanding the best efforts of those who would render us silent. We have a voice – not a voice of hatred, violence, and extremism – but a voice of warning, defiance, and of hope. Our voice does not go unchallenged but that is the beauty and appeal of the free and open democratic society our voice speaks out to defend.
Long before he became President of the United States, Ronald Reagan was a voice for the American people. At a Republican convention in 1964, he said:

“There’s no argument over the choice between peace and war, but there’s only one guaranteed  way you can have peace -- and you can have it in the next second --- surrender''

Our voice says: “We will not surrender.” We will not sit idly by and watch the Australian culture and the Australian lifestyle that we love and that is envied around the world be surrendered and handed over to those who hate us for who we are and what we stand for.

When Ronald Reagan spoke those words, he warned against the threat of Soviet Russia and those words apply equally now to the threat of Islamic extremism and its complicit defenders. Reagan said: “Every lesson of history tells us that the greater risk lies in appeasement” and yet that is the political and social environment that confronts us today – appeasement.

When I accepted the invitation to be a voice here today, I was disappointed (but not entirely surprised) by a tidal wave of hyperventilation and confected outrage on social media, in the mainstream media, and from capital city commentators. Labor’s Shadow Minister for Immigration, Richard Marles said today’s rally was synonymous with racism. (Ed.- Another ignorant asshole!)
Our State Labor Member for Mackay described my comments in accepting your invitation to speak as appalling, shameful, ignorant, and hateful. In doing so, she has reflected on you and your fellow like-minded citizens. A petition urged the Prime minister to prevent me from even attending today. The apologists of the left, the do-gooders, and the politically correct crowd said I should not address you because you were a crowd of: racists, bigots, Islamophobes, extremists, white supremicists, skinheads, and Nazis.

But I look out at the crowd and that’s not what I see. I see Mums and Dads who love their country – the Australian culture and the Australian lifestyle. I see everyday hard-working families who want their kids to enjoy the same freedoms that were enjoyed by the generations that came before them.

Some of the freedoms Australians hold most dear are freedom of speech and freedom of religion. In this country, I am proud of the fact that someone who has a particular belief can hold that view without fear of intimidation. They can practice their faith – whether they are Christian, Buddhist, or Muslim – at a church, a temple, or a mosque – without fear of intimidation. And the full force of the law can, and should, come down on anyone who does try to intimidate them.

Likewise, we have a freedom to criticise. While it is not my cup of tea to criticise religions, I see that people criticise Christianity every day without fear of retribution, violence, or being called a Christophobe or a racist. In fact, we have seen many examples in the past year alone of Christians being slaughtered for no reason other than the fact that they are Christian. But in this country, that should not be tolerated.

In this country, we also enjoy the right to peaceful assembly. We all have the right to be here today, protesting in a peaceful way against the dangers of radical Islam and the culture of appeasement that allows radical extremism to fester. That culture of appeasement to radical Islam dictated that I should not speak here today for fear of giving you credibility – as if your voice would otherwise have no value.''

The Way I See It......the violence said so much about the true threat to our values. One side carried the Australian flag; the other had protesters who spat on it. One side denounced the Islamic State that has beheaded civilians, murdered gays and raped women; the other tried to attack those worried by the obvious danger. One side organised a peaceful rally; the other tried to shut it down.

The supporters of the Socialist Alliance, mostly dumb-ass Uni students who had been encouraged to attend by flyers and posters in Unis and on bus stops. The most prevalent chant was ''Welcome Muslims'' and ''Stop Racists''  Once again proving that our youth don’t know the meaning of basic English words like racist, comparing it to the religion of Islam.

In any rational view, one side represented by far the bigger threat to our freedoms and physical safety, not least to the safety of our police, yet much of the Left-leaning media has treated Reclaim Australia as the prime villains instead. Disgusting !

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