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Treason Will Be Obama's Vile Legacy and Impeachment Will Start It !

It would be a mistake to underestimate just how important the Bergdahl story is to the remaining tenure of Barack Obama. The media here didn’t touch the story but early last year I gave it a run suggesting it could in future break Obama in what could fairly be deemed a matter of treason. The time has now come.

Bowe Bergdahl deserted his post and fled to a Taliban encampment. Troops who went to find him were mown down and killed. Photos later emerged (photo right) with Bergdahl and Taliban Leader, Batar' Udin.

The Taliban needed the US to believe Bergdahl was an abused captive because the plan was to use him as a swap for five of the most important Taliban operatives in US custody.

Bergdahl’s father Bob, had converted to Islam and had been tweeting anti-American material and openly promoting Taliban interests. He was clearly instrumental in arranging the swap.
Had Obama asked the military about the status of the five Taliban captives, he would have been told they were marked as, “never to be released”. The five were responsible for no fewer than 1,000 dead American soldiers. But he didn’t ask. He simply used yet another "executive order" to instruct they be released.

The first indication that a traitorous scam was unfolding was that the US had been told Bowe Bergdahl had been kept in an underground cell. He had arrived for the swap rubbing his eyes and continually blinking unconvincingly.
But it was over an hour’s drive to the changeover point, plenty of time for his eyes to have already adjusted to the light. The ruse was becoming clear.
Obama had arranged for the Taliban leaders to be released from Gitmo to Qatar, which supports the Muslim Brotherhood, with assurances Qatari officials would "monitor" them for one year.
The military was furious and flew Bergdahl to a German holding point to interrogate him, denying him any collaborative contact with his father. Incredibly, National Security Adviser Susan Rice, was appearing on various news shows claiming that Bergdahl had served with, “honour and distinction.”

Meanwhile Bowe’s father and Obama were bear hugging each other in the White House Rose Garden in front of curious media, iterating how the US military, “never leaves a soldier behind”. The father was speaking phrases in fluent Arabic and Pashto (the official language of Afghanistan). Still Obama hadn’t realised he was part of the scam.
Or had he?
The Military took months to finalise a report into the incident and sent it to the White House, it has been on Obama’s desk for three months, untouched. The Military knew Obama would object to its findings and would refuse to act on them. So, early this week the Military moved to Court Martial Bergdahl without forewarning Obama who was busy honouring a decomposing Saudi king. But yesterday the Pentagon denied reports that the Military was preparing to Court Martial Bergdahl, stressing the top commander reviewing the case had made no decision yet. Hmmmm.

Other reports suggest the process is already in train and the excreta is about to hit the fan in an open Court disclosing Obama’s and Bob and Bowe Bergdahl’s complicity in a treasonous plot to undermine the security of the United States to the advantage of its enemy, the Taliban .
Intriguing reports you will not read elsewhere from early last year are here:

President Barack Hussein Obama has truly betrayed the American people for the last time and, as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, he has betrayed every dead and serving US soldier.
When greeting the parents of deserter Bowe Bergdahl in the Rose Garden even the Left Press were astonished when Obama smiled knowingly at the father, Robert (he had changed his name to (Abdullah).  Bergdahl’s opening remark: “In the name of God, the merciful, the compassionate”.

It was remarkable not so much for what he said, but that he said it in Arabic: “Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim.”

This deadshit tweeted, “I am still working to free all Guantanamo prisoners. God will repay for the death of every Afghan child, amen!” He tweeted that in Pashto, the principal language of the Taliban.  Obama had again bypassed Congress to release the five Taliban prisoners he described as “low level” in exchange for Abdullah Bergdahl’s son Bowe. But he lied, the five were anything but “low level”.
They were senior Taliban operatives whose files were marked, “should never be released”. 
They included Norullah Noori, the ex-governor of the northern province of Balkh who is accused of taking part in the 1998 massacre of thousands of people and also wanted by the United Nations for war crimes.

The others include Khairullah Khairkhwa, the Taliban Interior Minister, Mohammad Fazl, a former military commander with a ruthless reputation for beheadings, Abdul Haq Wasiq, deputy head of the Taliban intelligence service, and chief operator Mohammad Nabi who, with two others, is a 1994 founder of the Sharia imbued Taliban movement.

According to Gitmo files, all five were originally targeted by the Military as “high value” operatives who were responsible, either indirectly or directly, for the deaths of at least one thousand US soldiers.

Bahara Jan Bahar, a Kabul woman who actively resists the Taliban said yesterday, “The release of the five has dealt a severe psychological blow to my people after years of fighting the Taliban.”

Jan Bahar may well spare a thought for the US soldiers who risked their lives to capture those five terrorists and for those six (some say 14) soldiers who were mown down trying to find Bergdahl.
Parents of the six dead soldiers received a pro-forma letter of condolence from Obama. But you can only imagine how those parents felt watching Obama’s White House reception for the parents of the man their sons died trying to "rescue".

In the embracing arms of Obama they left the Rose Garden knowing full well their son had deserted to the other side to assist the Taliban and then feigned capture to cleverly gain the release of
the Gitmo Five, now known as the Taliban's Dream Team. Thank God those six dead soldiers didn’t live to see Bowe Bergdahl feted as a returned captive hero by the Obama Administration.

Bowe, who said he was ashamed to be an American, had left his firearm and deserted his post taking only a water bottle and a compass. It had taken him a reported three hours to find the Taliban encampment he was searching for.

Children of the Taliban had rushed to greet him indicating a pre-arranged meeting. (Bowe’s father Abdullah is in constant touch with the Taliban speaking, typing and tweeting in Arabic.)
The Taliban then waited for six of Bowe’s platoon members who had set out to “rescue” him. They
promptly killed all six while Bowe watched.

Bowe immediately converted to Islam and regularly took part in Taliban training exercises firing his own gun given him by his “captors”. American deaths from Taliban IEDs soon doubled... Bowe had disclosed information the Taliban wanted. After three years of fun and games with the “enemy” Bowe agreed to play the role of captive to enable negotiations to begin for the release of the Taliban heroes from Gitmo.

The US Defence Intelligence Agency could have provided Obama with details of who was sleeping with the enemy, but they weren’t asked. If they had been, it would have ruined Obama’s plans.

The five terrorists are now in the “safe keeping” of Qatar for one year before they can recommence killing Americans. But few trust Qatar, particularly after its involvement with FIFA and its fraudulent acquisition of the 2022 World Cup.

The Way I See It.....there is little doubt Bowe Bergdahl and his Islamic father acted in concert with the Taliban to obtain the release of five "high level" terrorists. There is no doubt that Bowe was a Taliban collaborator.

Obama is bathing in the glory of “never leaving a soldier behind” but that false claim is about to backfire as the Military, the Democrats, the Republicans and most Americans start to see their Islam-sympathising President in a different light. What were formerly fluid conspiracy theories are starting to gel. Let's hope it comes sooner than later.

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