Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Monsters That Walk Among Us !

On a tense Tuesday morning, at 2.10am, 5 days ago, (Dec 16th) three gunshots rang out in rapid succession - followed by a volley of gun fire - bringing to an end the 16 hour siege of the Lindt Café with 13 hostages, which had terrified the nation and captured the attention of the world. As building fire alarms rang out a team of about six heavily armed tactical response police officers began throwing what appeared to be stun hand-grenades into the building. Just minutes before a hostage had come running out from the building with his hands raised in the air, telling police things were  ''reaching a head.''

Police confirmed three people had been killed, including Muslim gunman Man Haron Monis, 50, who was pronounced dead when he arrived at hospital. Those dead included the manager of the Lindt Coffee Café, Tori Johnson 34, and a 38 year-old lawyer and mother-of-three, Katrina Dawson.

It would be easy to dismiss Man Haron Monis as a clown. He was certainly a slimy murderer. But his life as an angry pest who could not stomach his own failure and imminent downfall is a good analogy for aspects of Islamism, which is fundamentally an ideology of resentful humiliation, unable to accept the reality of the weak place of Islamic civilization and determined to act destructively, often self-destructively, believing domination is the birthright of the doctrine.

A spokesman for the Prime Minister stated: ''Of course Monis is not representative of most Muslims, who are horrified by the events, but it would be foolish to dismiss the attack as unrelated to Islamic terrorism, especially as we have the dubious honour of having among the highest recruits per capita to Islamic State.''

Man Haron Monis couldn’t have done more to make the deaf hear that the terror he unleashed in Sydney was in the name of Islam.

Some of those who respond to Muslim terrorism by demanding more sympathy for Muslims are well-meaning. Others remind me uncomfortably of the adage: the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
Usually the Muslims-fear-backlash crowd at least waits till the terrorist atrocity is over. In this case
Katrina Dawson  and  Tori Johnson
the desiccated multicultural saps launched the #I’llRideWithYou campaign even as the siege was still ongoing - while Katrina and Tori were still alive. Muslims are not the victims here. Ms Dawson and Mr Johnson are the victims. And yet the urge to usher Muslims into the victim chair and massage their tender sensibilities is now so reflexive the narcissists on Twitter don’t even have the good taste to wait till the siege is over and the corpse count is known.
Individual acts of kindness ... are lovely. But when they mutate into Twitter hashtag campaigns they acquire a smug, bullying sanctimoniousness which not only demeans the original act but which, worse, skews the debate about Islamism. 

One of the more notable facts about Islamist terror incidents in the West ... is how very little they have changed public attitudes to Muslims in general ... I’m sure you are lovely and caring and bloody great, all you #Illridewithyou luvvies. But you’re also — in my experience — so delighted by your own sensitivity, so certain that you hold the moral high ground that you feel it enables you to duck all responsibility for engaging with the Islamism ­problem seriously.

I don’t know how much more explicit Monis could have been.

And I don’t know how more wilfully deaf some people can be.

Here’s a good example of our Media in denial.  A very impressive Political Correct evasion by The Age, which in this entire report on the tragic Sydney hostage-taking does not mention “Islam” or “Muslim” once. Even when noting the gunman was a “cleric” does The Age say of which faith and further implies he is obviously a lone terrorist not connected to any group.

Similar squeamishness and self-censorship has been evident in much reporting on mass immigration, crime rates in some ethnic communities and the widespread rorting of our refugee intake. Monis, a fake refugee but real cleric and extremist, was the beneficiary of this self-censorship up to the moment he killed two Australians - Australians I believe deserved better warning from our media.

 Shameful !!  It's almost like don’t mention the war, because more Muslims might join in. (sic !)

The Way I See It.......Monis is a classic case study of why Australia needs to have probationary conditions applied to the residence status and then citizenship granted to immigrants, refugees and asylum-seekers…

Now for the cover-up. Australians are entitled to know, but are highly unlikely to be told, who were the lawyers and officials who advocated that Man Haron Monis be allowed to live in Australia, and then granted citizenship, despite red flag after red flag that he was trouble…

Right at the start, in 1996, when Monis claimed political asylum, the Iranian authorities made it clear that he had been charged with multiple counts of theft that had nothing to do with either political persecution or capital crimes. The Iranian foreign ministry reiterated this week that his psychological instability and criminal charges were known to Australian officials when they granted him asylum status.

Within months, Monis had chained himself to the front gate of state Parliament in Macquarie Street in a political protest. He was later given citizenship. Self-described cleric, Man Maron Monis, 50, first came to attention of police when he penned poisonous letters to the family of dead Australian soldiers.
Last year he was charged with being an accessory to the murder of his ex-wife and mother of two.
And most recently, he was charged with more than 50 allegations of indecent and sexual assault relating to time allegedly spent as a self-proclaimed “spiritual healer” who dealt with black magic at a premises in western Sydney more than a decade ago.

Monis, who has also gone by the names of Sheikh Haron and Mohammad Hassan Manteghi, was born in Iran and most recently has been living at Bexley North in Sydney’s south. He gleaned from over $64,000 in Legal Aid during that time to fight his many convictions.

With that record and those allegations, he was on bail?  WHY ???

With instability growing in the Muslim world, the tacit policy of open borders, advocated by the Greens and the churches, would have seen the 50,000 people who bypassed Australian immigration under Labor grow exponentially. None of the idiot Greens or the churches offer structures setting limits, They don't mind 100,000 undocumented arrivals, or 200,000, or 500,000. Only ''compassion without limits'' is their mantra. This has been sensibly and emphatically rejected by the electorate.

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