Friday, September 5, 2014

Is President Obama America's Islamist-in-Chief ?

A disturbing set of developments has come about recently, all of them brought about by Barack Hussein Obama. Like puzzle pieces, they begin to fall into place. And the picture that is beginning to emerge is not a pretty one.

The first piece: 70,000 American-Trained Taliban:  Paul Sperry, of the New York Post, has reported that the recent assassination of an American general by Taliban terrorist has exposed what he calls ''the lunacy of the administration's Afghanistan strategy.'' 

Under orders from President Obama, the military is now training Taliban terrorists, recruiting 7,000 a month -- often eschewing background check -- to fill the ranks of what is now a 350,000-member ''SECURITY FORCE''.  Many of those hired have been imprisoned terrorists, released as part of a government-sponsored amnesty and reintegration program that is paying ex-Taliban warriors to join the government.

These American-trained Jihadis will surely end up being the ones who rise quickly to command level, once the American troops have departed Afghanistan. And, in the meantime=me, they pose an ongoing security threat to American military personnel at the highest levels. And is it just possible that some of these Jihadis might pose a threat to the integrity of the American homeland, even now?

Secondly, Obama ordered the release of Caliph Ibrahim, the now present head of the new Islamic State, from Camp Bucca in Afghanistan, in 2009. Back then he was called Au Bakr Baghdadi, and, upon his release, is known to have uttered the following words to his former prison guards; ''I will see you guys in New York.''

President Obama has allowed the Islamic State to grow and prosper. When this group of thugs were into taking control of the rebellion against Syria's Bashar Al-Assard off of the initial freedom fighters to make it there mission to turn Syria into an Islamic state, Ambassador Chris Stevens was in Libya secretly appropriating Gadhafi's weapons stash. With the help of White House sanctioning the CIA covertly was shipping these weapons to the jihadists through Turkey, without proper safeguards and regard for their future intentions.. The die was cast for these militants to be strengthened by the U.S.A.'s weapons undercover help.

Thirdly, as the fighting in Syria was progressing and ISIS became more powerful daily, the conflict was attracting many US and European Muslim passport holders to come and participate. The question now is will American Jihadis be allowed to return to America, after having trained with the newly upgraded Islamic State, with as much ease as the Boston Bombers?,  Remember them? Americans need to remember that the Russians actually warned the Obama people about Dzhokar and Tamerlan Tsaraev, but they still were cleared by the Obama FBI for entry into the country anyway.

And strangely, it was the Obama White House that insisted on mirandizing and protecting Dzhokar by reading him his rights and shutting him up to protect him, before it was legally necessary or called for. And mysteriously, not one media outlet questioned the controversial legal moves.

A good question with regard to Obama Administration policy might be this: With such little enforcement of the Mexican border and having such permissive policies in place elsewhere why is Obama allowing radical Muslims ingress to the country. Is Obama actually, directly or indirectly, working to sponsor Islamist attacks against Americans?

Fourthly, in the past, Muslim immigrants were limited in number to 50,000 a year. Part of the reason
for this was the need to do thorough background checks on them to be sure that those coming into America had no connections to terror groups or networks supporting terror through there activities. Obama has ordered that the door be opened to 100,000 immigrants a year of Muslim background. And background checks have been made easier to pass!

Fifthly, the recent shocking deal President Obama had managed to cut with the release of an American soldier that seems only to help extremist Muslims. The released soldier is Bowe Bergdahl, to all indications a Jihadi Muslim himself -- a deserter who abandoned his fellow soldiers in search of the Taliban, so that he might, allegedly, help them in their efforts to kill Americans. If fact four of his brothers-in-arms were killed searching for him. Obama sanctioned the release of the five most dangerous Jihadis in Gitmo for Bergdahl,  much to the exasperation of the U.S. Military command. They comprised the Taliban Dream Team, (left below) and they will most assuredly return to the fight against
America after their rest and recuperation in a five-star hotel resort in Abu Dhabi.

And last-but-not-least, Barack Obama's dithering on having Congress draw up a strong immigration policy and his continuous talk of an amnesty has created a Southern border insecurity nightmare. Many U.S.  officials concerns keep falling on his deaf ears that the Islamic State is planning to attack the United States by crossing the porous region with Mexico. Even Texas Governor, Rick Perry, has already warned that the militants probably are lying in wait in some border towns on the Mexican side. Just recently, because Mexico does so little to police its own border that three Ukrainians with long criminal records easily walked into Texas. He added that ''it is a very real possibility that Islamist terrorists may have already entered the United States.''

The Way I See It......if President Barack Hussein Obama is not a jihadist sympathizer, bent on allowing a ''Muslim Death Cult'' to succeed in establishing a new Islamic Caliphate in the heart of the Middle East, then he and his administration have been  just damn fools these past five years. We have watched as he has allowed a bunch of al-Qaeda militants in Syria, transform into, first, ISIS then growing into ISIL and now with a much broader agenda....The Islamic State.

Today, there are more terrorist groups than there were before 9/11. After all the sacrifice in Afghanistan and Iraq, why do we find ourselves in a more dangerous world? This administration's  dereliction-of-duty has both sins of action and inaction, which is what happens when you are flailing around without careful strategic thinking. The Islamic State is now more focused on waging war as guerrillas and insurgents with ample expertise using social media for propaganda, fund raising and recruiting. Only time will tell if Western leaders get some backbones to seriously take them on. ''Peace through Strength'' only works if you have and show strength.  Where's Ronald Reagan when you need him?

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