Saturday, July 26, 2014

Climate of Freedom in Las Vegas !

Yes, there is a Climate of Freedom in Las Vegas !

Patrick Moore, Canadian ecologist and former prominent member of Greenpeace, told the Heartland Climate Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada last week that his former organization is now plumb wrong on just about everything. Saying that concerns about regarding global warming are overblown, and that the opposite may actually soon be occurring. ''I fear global cooling,'' he warned. Moore played a significant role in Greenpeace before leaving the so-called environmental group in 1986 and later authored a book titled Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout.

He left at a time when Greenpeace had bizarrely decided that chlorine and all its compounds should be banned outright. They killed millions of people in the Third World with their campaign against DDT and cynically allowed Malaria to run rampant even when it was proved not to cause cancer and other deleterious effects. Fifteen years later, and countless lives, they finally admitted their mistake. Now they want the West shut down on the pretext of preventing global warming that is not happening anyway. Will it be another 15 years before they admit how foolish and irresponsible they were?

In the past, he has outspokenly condemned the new, scientifically illiterate Greenpeace as ''neo-Marxist.  The hard-line Socialists have infiltrated and taken it over to spruik for a New World Order and with themselves as the new Politbureau to dictate economic policy world-wide.'' His own campaigns as the head of the old honest Greenpeace were based on science. He opposed atmospheric nuclear testing because it filled the atmosphere with radioactive dust particles. He opposed whaling because the survival of several species was threatened.

Now Greenpeace, like the governments on which it fawns and on whose taxpayers often involuntary largesse it lives, has abandoned true science in favour of profitable superstition and religious fervour. The Heartland Conference's leader, Lord Christopher Monckton, is a British consultant, policy adviser, writer and columnist. While not formally trained in science, Monckton is one of the most cited and widely published climate sceptics, having even been invited to testify to the U.S. Senate and Congress on several occasions. The Heartland Conference attracts hundreds of the world's leading climate scientists and researchers every year to discuss the latest state of global warming science. This year, the delegates' speeches showed that just about all the urban  myths of the Climate Communists are false. Here are Twelve:

1.   ''Global warming is happening.''
           No; According to the RSS satellite record, there has been none for 17 years and 10 months.
2.  ''Warming is faster than we thought.''
          No; In 1990 the climate models predicted that global warming would happen twice as fast as it hasn't. 
3.  ''There's a 97 per cent consensus.''
          No;  Only 0.5 per cent of the authors of 11,944 scientific papers on climate and related topics over the past 21 years said they agreed that most of the warming since 1950 was man-made.
4.   ''Droughts are getting worse.''
          No;  A recent paper in the learned science journals shows the fraction of the world's land under drought has fallen for 30 years.
5.   ''Floods are getting worse.''
          No;  The U.N. 's panel has said in two recent reports that there has been no particular change in the frequency or severity of floods worldwide.
6.   ''Sea Ice is melting.''
          No;  I t has grown to a new record high in the Antarctic (see Chart right), though the Arctic icecap has been shrinking a little in summer. In the 1930's warm spell it had all but disappeared, but came back.
7.   ''Sea level is rising dangerously.''
          No;  A recent satellite study concludes the rate of rise has actually dropped from a rise of 3.4 mm per year during the 1990s, 2.4 mm per year from 2003-2011, or a slowdown of about 30 per cent.,
8.   ''Hurricanes (typhoons) are getting worse.''
          No;  Their combined frequency, severity and duration has been at or near the lowest in the 35-year satellite record.
9.   ''Global warming caused the recent extreme weather.''
          No;  There has been no warming recently, so it cannot have caused any extreme weather in recent years.
10.  ''Global warming will reduce the number of redheads!''
           No;  This is one of the many silly scare stories about the imaginary effects of warmer weather.
11.  ''The oceans are acidifying''
           No;  The oceans remain decidedly alkaline, and there cannot be much change in its acid-base balance because it is buffered by the basalt rocks in which they lie.
12.   ''It's cheaper to act now, just in case.''
           No;  It is 10-100 ties costlier to try to prevent global warming today than to let it happen and pay the cost of adapting to it the day after tomorrow.  IPCC scientist Professor Roger Jones (photo), admits that any efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions would at best cut the world's expected temperature in 2100 by just 0.0038 degrees. And if, as now seems clear, the planet is even less sensitive to our emissions, the difference would be even less.

The Way I See It.....the Stupidity rolls on.  Just about everything the mainstream news media say about global warming and its supposed dangers is the opposite of the truth. The more extreme media, such as the British and Australian Broadcasting Companies, are so determinedly one-sided that they train their reporters to go out of their way to avoid allowing climate sceptics to be interviewed or take part in on-air discussions of the topic.  The excuse for this prejudice is that climate sceptics are a ''fringe'' group and that only one point of view to support the ''consensus'' is permitted.

The climate extremist movement, backed by the thousands of scientists with their noses in the trough of government grants, now almost exclusively confined to profiteers of doom among the world's ruling elite and the media that fawn upon them, is aiming to get the world's governments to sign up to a binding and irreversible climate treaty at a conference in Paris late next year. Most of the steps toward creating what is in effect a world government  have already been quietly put in place as a result of decisions by earlier annual U.N. climate conferences.

But one thing can stop them. Write to your MP, congressman and your senators and tell them to press for the inclusion of an escape clause in the Treaty of Paris that will permit any State to resign from its obligations by giving a few months notice to the depository State. That way, as the world continues to fail to warm anything like as fast as predicted, nations can break free from the regime of terror by stealth that has been furtively planned.

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