Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Climate Alarmists Attacked Blaming English Floods on Warming !

It has taken years, but finally, I say ''Finally'', some warmist scientists are publicly contradicting their more alarmist colleagues. One of the Met Office's most senior experts yesterday made a dramatic intervention in the climate change debate by insisting there is no link between the storms that have battered Britain and global warming.

Matt Collins, (photo) a professor in climate systems at Exeter University, said the storms have been driven by the jet stream -- the high-speed current of air that girdles the globe -- which has been ''stuck'' further south than usual. Professor Collins told The Mail on Sunday: ''There is no evidence that global warming can cause the jet stream to get stuck in the way it has this winter.'' It's interesting to note that Prof Collins is also a senior advisor -- a co-ordinating lead author -- for the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). His statement appear to contradict Met Office chief scientist Dame Julia Slingo. Last weekend, she said pompously announced ''all the evidence suggests that climate change has a role to play'' in the storms. Failing to mention that same thing happened in 1948 and where also Holland was ravaged by its dikes failing and also flooding the countryside.

Actually, Big Government seems more to blame. Christopher Booker explains in The Spectator that it's not global warming that caused such ghastly floods in the UK, but incompetence and a Green EU wetland plan. He lives near Somerset (SW England) so he started investigating the rising water six weeks ago -- which has now become widespread inundation there, with damages estimated at over 100 million Pounds. In The Spectator he writes that before 1996, local groups of farmers and engineers managed the drains, but in 1996 the EA (Environmental Agency)  took over. Regular dredging stopped happening, the pumping stations were neglected (or stopped...), and the local drainage boards found it hard to get anything done with the EA RED tape.

Then things got worse, Booker explains: ''In 2002, the Baroness Young of Old Scone, a Labour peeress, became the agency's new chief executive.''  As Booker goes on to note, this twit used to run the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and Natural England but never bothered to use her influence to stop the building of windmills that were killing birds by the thousands and polluted the Natural English countryside. But she also had different aims to the people who lived there. The locals saw what was coming, they feared that the river had become choked and silted, they wanted control back. Instead, what they got was some parts of Somerset suddenly ''returned to wetland'' - but that, it seems, was kinda the goal of the old biddy.

James Delingpole, (photo below) British writer, journalist, blogger and broadcaster exposes the lies about the floods.
          1) This is the wettest winter since records began.
              No it's not! It was considerably wetter between November 1929 and January 1930. This January was wet but still only ranks as the sixteenth wettest month since records began in 1766.

          2)  Dredging the rivers wouldn't have made much difference anyway.
                Yes, of course, that's what environment apologists would like you to believe. But of course they're talking rubbish. The only way floodwater can escape is out to sea: hence the need for keeping our rivers as free-flowing as possible i.e. with regular dredging. For clear evidence of what has gone wrong over the years, have a look at the before and after pictures of the River Parrett taken by Richard North. The black and white one shows the river to be and free-flowing, this is not seen in the coloured picture.

          3)  Environment Secretary, Owen Paterson should resign.
                No, he shouldn't. Paterson is on of the few politicians to have shown any integrity in this crisis. Unlike his Conservative colleagues David Cameron and Philip Hammond he has not ass-kissed and sought to curry easy favour with the green lobby by blaming the floods on ''climate change''. He was the first senior politician to visit Somerset Levels and grasp the truth about the problem; that the floods were a direct consequence of Environmental Agency and European Union policy.

Dredging above and No dredging below
The Way I See It.....I am sick to the back teeth and so should you dear readers of hearing every unrepentant warmist, low-life Greenie, the Marxists of the Environmental Defence Fund, every scientist sucking up to get climate grants and cynically brainwashed politician blaming every storm, drought, wildfire, flood, hot spell, cold spell and disappearing Arctic ice on GLOBAL WARMING. Enough already, just admit there hasn't been any appreciable warming in 17 YEARS and suck it up.

Lessons should be learnt, but they won't. All those listed above are going to try their damnedist to make the English folk forget as quickly as possible that these floods are a man-made disaster. Nothing whatsoever to do with anthropogenic CO2 emissions. Rather it is a result of a deliberate policy, initiated by the UN (Agenda 21), the idiot European Union and its bastard child, the Environment Agency, designed to create wildlife habitats at the expense of humans. A full inquiry should get to the bottom of this and weed the perpetrators out.

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