Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Immigration or Colonisation by Stealth ! Part 2

Here we go again!  I wrote in a previous posting on November 18th that some forms of immigration to the West now look like colonisation instead. LONDON: Dozens of Muslim protestors gathered to demand that businesses stop selling alcohol in a popular East London area yesterday. The group, led by former Al-Muhajiroun leader Anjem Choundary, warned restaurants and shops in the Brick Lane area that they face 40 lashes if they continue to sell the product, which is banned under Sharia Law.

Radical preacher Choudary (centre) with ugly cronies.
Radical preacher, Choudary also defended three ''fantastic'' men who were jailed last week for attacking drinkers while on ''Muslim patrol.'' He was referring to an incident last January involving a group of five hooded young Muslim deadbeats confronting passers-by and demanded that they conform to their shit Sharia Law. The gang filmed their activities and uploaded the videos on line. They targeted people drinking alcohol, women who they considered to be dressed immodestly, and harassed others whom they perceived as being gay. One of these idiots even told a couple they should not hold hands walking down the street because it was a ''Muslim area''.

One video uploaded to YouTube by the gang was viewed more than 42,000 times. In it, the gang confronted people, shouting ''this is a Muslim area'' at them. The hooded men are seen forcing people to empty their alcoholic drinks down drains, and instructing a group of women that ''they need to forbid exposing themselves immodestly outside the mosque.'' A second video, beginning with the title saying ''Islam will take over the world'', showed the gang directing homophobic abuse at a man walking in Whitechapel. The gang shouted at the man who appeared to be wearing make-up that he is ''in a Muslim area dressed like a fag'' and must leave. The video ended with: ''We are coming to implement Islam upon your own necks. Muslim patrols can never be stopped!''

Protesting against such colonisation, however, is still the height of bad manners according to the P.C. police, as Clarrisa Dickson Wright found out last year. The television chef who reached fame as one half of the Two Fat Ladies, embarked on a tour of the country and was hoping to savour the culinary delights of every region. But her visit to one particular city, left a bitter taste and caused outrage by saying her visit to a Muslim area of Leicester was ''the most frightening experience of my life'', and claiming that it left her feeling like ''a pariah''  in her own country and topped it off by describing the area as ''a ghetto''.

When asked to explain the comments, made in her new book Clarrisa's England: A Gamely Gallop Through the English Counties, she said she was ''surprised any of the people who might object could read what I wrote as it is written in English.''  She added that she has ''never believed that political correctness was a reason NOT to say what I have experienced''. She went on to describe how she got lost after coming off the ring road and found herself in an area where all the men were wearing Islamic clothing and all the women were wearing burkas. ''None of the men would talk to me when I tried to find out where I was and how to get out of there. Even the women following meekly behind, if they could speak English they weren't about to show it by having a word with me.  It frightened me because it was part of my country I was born in''.

On Leicestershire, she writes of the ghettoisation in its city, saying that it demonstrates how multiculturalism has failed. She added; I have many good acquaintances and even some friends among the Muslim community but I must say that if multiculturalism is to work, which I have always been rather dubious of, surely it must be multicultural and NOT monocultural.'' Clarrisa went on to express a hopeful note; ''However, everything has an upside and one of the results of this is that Leicester has a very good selection of Asian restaurants. I can only hope that in a  generation to come there will be a merging of the cultures and not the exclusion zone that is the ghetto today.''

The Way I see It.....is when Ibrahim Mogra, (Left) the assistant secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, and a city imam, says; ''How can she judge an entire community on her one-off rare time of getting lost in Leicester?'' I say it's easy.  Especially when you hear more and more frequently the reports of purposely unassimilated Muslim neighbourhoods all around England rubbing the local citizens the wrong way with their ''holier-than-thou'' attitude with demands that non-Muslims are not welcome in invading their ''Muslim area''. To compound this dilemma you have authorities falling over themselves to be so politically correct not to offend this ratbag behaviour that it gives credibility to this type of attitude.

This English ''blissfulness'' in the face of a jihad-by-stealth ignores the fact that a network of groups led by Anjem Choudary has become the ''single biggest gateway to terrorism in recent British history'', according to a major investigation. This Islamic bum has ''facilitated or encouraged'' up to 80 young Muslims from the UK -- ands 250 to 300 others from across Europe-- to join al-Qaida linked forces fighting President Assad in Syria. Despite two decades of preaching filth, the 46 year old Briton has only ever been fined 500 pds for organising an illegal protest. Prime Minister David Cameron said Choudary needed ''to be looked at seriously because he strays extremely close to the line of encouraging hatred, extremism and violence.''  I think the Brits need a big dose of SPINAL COLUMN.

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