Friday, October 25, 2013

The Marriage Whisperer: 5 Sex Mistakes Women Make !

One of the joys - and the traps - of being in a long-term relationship is that you get very comfortable with each other, whether it's on the couch, in the kitchen or in the bedroom. You know what your partner likes and you don't have to quietly stress about the possibility of getting it all wrong. And that's great when you're choosing a DVD together, or cooking his favourite meal, but when it comes to getting your ''sexy mojo'' on, being able to fact track your communications is not always a good thing. Not only can it make our sex lives something far less than exciting, but we can develop bad habits that are repeated over the years. Instead discover simple ways you can avoid getting in a rut with your partner. Here's how:


For most women, initiating sex is just not something you do - it falls into the Man's Job category, along with checking the oil in the car and mowing the grass. Whether it's because you don't want to come across too pushy or unladylike, or you are accustomed to being tapped on the shoulder or other body part by your ever-keen partner, initiating sex is not something many women do often. But give it a try - men like to be pursued just as much as women do, so he'll appreciate that you're interested an your advances will make him feel prized.


A body that had borne children is a beautiful thing (yes, stretch marks and all) - sure, it isn't the body you probably flaunted when you first met, but neither is his! Being naked is a habit we fall out of as we age - between our need for sleep and young children who wake early, intimate acts tend to take place under the covers in the dark of night.

Even if you can't bring yourself to be completely naked, try to relax about the bits your partner will see (and they will only be bits!). Flesh is flesh and if you truly do want to get out of bad habits in the bedroom, you need to be able to relax enough to enjoy it and not worry about any of the wobbly bits. And remember are notoriously unobservant! Remember the haircut you spent a fortune on that he didn't notice for days?  How likely is it that he's going to notice that your skin is not quite as tight as it was ten years ago?


Despite what we are led to believe, men's libidos aren't permanently set on GO (unless he's regularly visiting a Chinese restaurant specializing in animal's genitals - See Previous Posting). Sure, teenage boys are mostly ready and willing anytime, anywhere, anyhow, but grown men are a different story. The daily pressures of everyday life - work, finances, family obligations - can have a big impact on your man's libido, so there will inevitably be times when he just wants to go to bed to sleep and noting more.

His lack of desire should not be read less as a personal rejection (yes, he still love you) and more as a normal fluctuation of libido - after all, how much do you feel like having sex after a big day of kid-wrangling? And that you sill love your partner goes without saying.


Many women don't like to talk directly about sex - but you're unlikely to have a satisfying sexual relationship unless you communicate clearly with your partner. You are not a passive vessel so take responsibility for your own pleasure by telling him what you like (or don't like) and you will go a long way to having a sex life that works for you both.

Men usually like to a little tactful direction will pay off big dividends in the bedroom next time. Just be tactful about delivering your message - try not to hurt his feelings, particularly if you are asking him to stop doing something that he's been doing for years, under the assumption that you liked it.


Familiar is comforting - but it's not very exciting. After years of doing the same things the same way, sex can become more of a ritual than most of us like to admit. Try spicing things up occasionally by doing things slightly off-beat, change the routine, play a sex game ( book on right ) or create a fantasy scenario. And don't wait for your partner to suggest it - you can take the lead here!

And remember, if he suggests doing things differently, don't take it personally. Trying new things in the bedroom or, for that matter, any room in the house doesn't mean he's unhappy with your sex life. it merely means that variety is the spice of life. So start cooking up an erotic feast!

The Way I See It.....the actual ''spice of life'' means that some foods can actually play a part prior to foreplay.  Of course, oysters come to mind with a drop of champers, but if that's not your fancy the super-sensuous chili-chocolate is right up there for starters. Bananas and Avocados can assist in sexual stamina, while Asparagus offers lots of folic acid that increases histamine production which makes reaching orgasm easier for both sexes, while Figs and Nutmeg are powerful stimulants to sexual appetite. Ginger gets some love in the Kama Sutra for its ability to stimulate blood flow which makes the erogenous zones much more sensitive. Celery is a super-food when it come to getting you in the mood. It contains a male hormone androsterone, which acts as a pheromone, it arouses females sexually. They can very well be your recipe for loving-making success.

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