Friday, April 5, 2013

The Bloody Company Hollywood Keeps !

Bleeding-heart liberal Robert Redford is already the subject of early Oscar buzz. His much-hyped new film glamorizing the lives of the Weather Underground Organisation (WUO) domestic terrorists, ''The Company You Keep," is being released in the U.S. and Australia next week. But peace-loving moviegoers should save their money and take a stand. Hollywood's romanticising of murderous radicals is an affront to decency. Redford and Company's rose-coloured hagiography of bloodstained killers defiles the memory of all those victimized by leftwing militants on American soil. Hollywood's ''Golden Boy'' has lost his shine with this flick.

Tinseltown's socialist cheerleaders can't stop gushing about Redford's paean to gun-toting progressives, of course. Variety called the flick an ''unabashedly heartfelt but competent tribute to 1960s idealism.'' The entertainment daily effused: ''There is something undeniably compelling, perhaps even romantic, about America's '60s radicals and the compromises they did or didn't make.'' One of the the film executives promoting this Weather Underground movie slavered: ''This is an edge-of-your-seat thriller about real Americans who stood for their beliefs, thinking they were patriots and defending their country's ideals against their government.''

Compelling? Romantic? Real Americans? Patriots? The movie plot centers on a fictionalized1970s Michigan bank robbery perpetrated by Weather Underground members. Sharon Solarz (portrayed by fellow socialist activist Susan Sarandon) and Jim Grant (played by Redford). The group shoots and kills one off-duty police officer working as a bank security guard. Grant goes on the lam and assumes a fake identity; decades later, a reporter launches an investigation into his role in the crime. The movie drums up ''unabashedly heartfelt'' sympathy for Grant as he works to exonerate himself. Moviegoers would be better served by educating themselves about the real-life robbery and murders on which the movie is loosely based.

By 1978, after 27 bombings of police, military, and corporate faculties, and with half their members arrested and the other half on the run, the WUO ceases to exist. In 1980, Weathermen co-founders, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, turn themselves in, and on a technicality they weren't charged for the terrorist carnage they initiated and pursued over 8 years. (sic!)  In 1981, in an effort to revive WUOs former glory, rich-kid Weathermen ideologues and lovers Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert joined forces with Black Liberation Army (BLA) thugs and other other ragtag commie revolutionaries to hold up an armored Brink's vehicle in Nyack, New York. Their booty: 1.6 million to fund their planned violent activities. Before becoming the getaway U-Haul truck driver, Boudin dropped off her toddler son, Chesa, at the babysitter's house.

The truck was soon stopped by a police roadblock. Gilbert and Boudin surrendered but when the officers tried to search the back of vehicle, BLA members emerged shooting. Two police officers, Waverly Brown and Edward O'Grady and Peter Paige, a Brinks guard, died. Boudin and Gilbert were convicted and sent to prison on 3 counts of felony murder; Boudin for 22 years and Gilbert for 75 years. Boudin was paroled in 2003 after convincing the parole board that she acted nobly out of ''white guilt'' to protest racism against blacks. Never mind that one of the officers killed, Waverly Brown, was black. While Redford glorifies his fictional Weather Underground murders as ''patriots'', he ignores the legacy of the victims of the WUO violence. And while Redford lionizes these zealots as compassionate parents, where is his compassion for the nine children and wives of the Weather Underground murdered victims?

The Way I See It......these anti-American deadshits of this shameful period have come out very well for themselves. They all have found bosom-buddies in the Socialist-taited academia found in many American universities.   Firstly, Bernardine Dohrn....who declared ''War on AmeriKKKa", helped stage the ''Days of Rage'' in Chicago (10/1969) Weathermen blew up a memorial statue to killed police officers and rioted violently, leaving 75 policemen wounded and one permanently disabled. After spending years as a fugitive and escaping jail time, she has now settled into a comfy post as an Associate Professor of Law and director of the Children and Family Justice Center at Northwestern University as unrepentant as ever.

Her co-conspirator husband, Bill Ayers (photo left)  remains in the limelight even after 27 bombings (including the Pentagon) and flitting from campuses to socialist regimes and back preaching social justice as the ''motor force for revolution.'' This scumbag is now a feted ''visiting scholar'' at Minnesota State University Moorhead and paid by taxpayer funding the school refused to disclose. Ayers also achieved notoriety as a ''family friend'' to a young fellow Marxist politician named Barack Obama. Ayers and wife Dohrn still live in Chicago's Hyde Park neighbourhood where, in their living room, they were joined with other Marxists to help Obama start his first campaign.

Kathy Boudin, who after spending 22 years in prison, soon found fellow academic socialists to get her a prestigious adjunct professorship at Columbia University's School of Social Work. Bouin, now 69, this year won another academic laurel -- being named the Sheinburg Scholar-in-Residence at NYU Law School, where last month she gave a lecture on ''the politics of parole and re-entry.'' Of course, the relatives of three murdered men are outraged by this revelation. The spawn of her love for Gilbert, Chesa, has lived a pampered life surrounded by tenured Marxist academics and celebrity friends. His adoptive parents? Non-other than the infamous pals of Barack Obama, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn! He attended Yale, wrote books, shilled for Hugo Chavez and keeps a busy speaking schedule, but talking about the strengths of America's democracy is not one of the topics. This prick bastard says he still stands by the Weathermen's revolutionary agenda: ""My parents were all dedicated to fighting U.S. imperialism around the world. I'm dedicated to the same thing.''

Cinematically and metaphorically, Redford manufactures the same stance that unrepentant Weather Underground criminals and apologists still hold of themselves today: NOT GUILTY.

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