Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Apostle of Unreason & Intolerance !

In his last public engagement, in front of the annual Greens Party Conference in Tasmania, Bob Brown was full of his usual hubris. He profoundly stated, "Astronomy tells that there are millions of planets in the universe that could sustain life like ours, so why aren't the intergalactic telephones ringing? Is it because the human-like intelligences on these planets evolved like ours to the point of being able to chnge their envirnoment and then 'extincted' themselves? Now it will be our turn unless we all come together fellow Earthians to save this planet."  The brain-washed, true-believers roared with agreement! A few days later he resigned from the Senate and as leader of the Greens Party.

Terry McCrann, business writer for the Herald-Sun & The Austalian newspapers, wrote a week later and gave Bob Brown the journalistic send-off that this irrational, dangerously irresponsible ideologue deserves. He wrote:

Bob Brown has been an unremittingly destructive force in the political life of the Australian nation. His career in public policy has left not a single redeeming consequence. That this has not been more universally recognised can be placed at the collective feet of the Canberra press gallery, the broadcast media in particular and the assorted current affairs programs led by the ABC's Lateline with that scumbag, Tony Jones. Everyone knows that the ABC is a sheltered workshop for the Greens and is bathed in the light from Brown's (well-worn)"brown-eye".

I think I could safely say without fear of contradiction, that he has never been been, over 20 years, subjected to any rigorous questioning by the press or TV reporters. Always their tone has been gentle; that unlike the politicians of the two major parties. Brown's motivations were as pure, if somewhat idealistic, as driven snow. Global warming of course permitting.

Year after year, neither he nor his party were held to even the slightest account for the sheer silliness of much (most) of what they proposed; nor the most absurd contradictions;  the straight-out destructiveness were they ever to get any of their major policies implemented. Destruction that would be visited, not on the billionarires, but on the great mass of ordinary Australians under their unproven, proposed climate-change restrictions.

The Way I See It....because the last Federal election had the Greens achieve a prominent position in the Parliament, Brown forced a far-to-willing Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, to sign an alliance. Gillard gave the Greens the Carbon Tax she'd promised never to impose and a $10 billion Green Energy Fund that business is now demanding be scrapped. Brown in return gave Gillard the support it would have offered her anyway (a sweet deal).

In a way, it was this deal that will destroy them both and I can only suspect that Brown is getting out while the going is good. Already, with a fellow watermelon, Christne Milne as leader, recent state elections have had the Greens losing ground and are headed for a slow decline. Now Bob and his boy friend, Paul, can sleep in, and after reeming and dreaming have leisurely breakfasts while wondering if us Earthians will actually ever get that intergalactic phone call!  Good riddence!

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