Sunday, October 30, 2011

I.P.C.C.'s Climate Kindergarten!

We have been told over and over that the eminent United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is made up of 4000, essentially humourless, scientists in white coats who go around and measure things and have been doing so for about 20 years proving climate change is ALL our fault. dear friends and followers, I must tell you of a shocking new book written by Danna Laframboise, a Canadian investigative journalist. It's called, The Delinquent Teenager Who was Mistaken for the World's Top Climate Expert. In it she reveals that the IPCC is actually stuffed with a majority of young activists, rather than leading scientists and they number perhaps 1500 not the 4000 experts we were told about compiling and editing and peer-reviewing papers. The details are priceless and beyond words. This is a shocking exposé!

Ms Laframboise chronicles how the IPCC participants are picked by governments, not for their scientific knowledge and expertise, but for their political connections and for their "warmist" feelings. Other issues she uncovers go as far as to say that approximately 1/3rd of IPCC's sources come from magazines, press releases and unpublished (unvetted) scientific papers. The famous Summary for Policy Makers (i.e. our leaders) is compiled by bureaucrats not scientists and often completed before the articles they actually summarise are made available.

She writes that Richard Klein, now a Dutch geography professor is a classic example. In 1992, Klein turned 23, completed a Masters degree and worked as a Greenpeace campaigner. Two years later, at the tender age of 25, he found himself serving as an IPCC lead author! Klein's online biography brags that since 1994, he has been a lead author for six IPCC reports. This means he was promoted to the IPCC most senior author at age 28 - six years prior to the 2003 completion of his Ph.D. Neither his youth not his thin academic credentials prevented the IPCC from regarding him as one of the world's top experts. Nor is he an isolated case.

Here's another example showing dubious scientific credibility: Take Laurens Bouwer who is currently employed by an environmental studies institute in Amsterdam. In 1999-2000 he served as an IPCC lead author before even earning his Masters. How can a young man without even a Masters degree become an IPCC lead author? Good question. Yes...he was studying climate change and water resources yet the chapter for which he served as lead author was entitled "Insurance and Other Financial Ramifications". It turns out that, during part of 2000, Bouwer was a trainee at Munich Reinsurance Company. This means the IPCC chose as a lead author someone who a) was a trainee, b) lacked a Masters degree and c) was still a decade away from receiving his 2010 Ph.D.

The Way I See It....when Al Gore published an open letter in the New York Times "To Skeptics on Global Warming," in which he compared them to medieval flat-Earthers and made his error-filled movie (which should've been called "Inconvenient Lies"), he began an era of junk science. And as more and scientists sold-their-souls to get in on the Grant Bonanza western governments embarked on anti-emission regulation and poured billions into research to justify it all based on a so-called obvious link between CO2 and global warming. All the while over the years no one government, newspaper or independent scientist seriously set out to hunt down errors or biases in the scare-mongering reports.

We wouldn't let a company issue a prospectus without being audited, but we'll transform the national economy based on a report issued by a foreign committee that no one has been paid to criticise. All these audits on the science from the institutions like the IPCC, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, NASA or the CSIRO. No due diligence study has ever been done. The much hallowed Peer Review amounts to to anonymous reviewers, often picked from a pool of people who agree with the author in the first place. Classic Junk Science! As Deniers (and proud of it) we always felt there was something rotten at the IPCC when more and more evidence was disproving man-made climate change and they didn't change their tune. If any of you still has an ounce of doubt....get informed...get the book any way you can, because I'm sure you'll not read the serialized version in any Sunday newspaper any time soon.

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