Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fluoride Is Poisoning Your Children !

Two months ago I informed you that the courageous citizens of Waterloo, Ontario in Canada finally overcame scientific dogma and dental association ignorance and voted to stop fluoridating their town's water supply. There is word that there are other town councils across Canada now facing consumer demand to stop poisoning them. Now I have more proof they and YOU can use in the fight against such a mass toxic medication of the public.

A new groundbreaking study has found that the protective shield fluoride forms on your teeth is up to 100 times thinner than previously believed! This raises the questions about how this supposed renowned cavity fighter really works, because it has long been believed that fluoride changes the main mineral in tooth enamel, hydroxyapatite, into a more decay resistant material called fluorapatite. To the researchers shock, they found that the fluorapatite layer formed in this way is only 6 nanometers thick -- meaning it would take almost 10,000 such layers to get the width of a strand of human hair.

According to Science Daily, "The scientists question whether a layer so thin, which is quickly worn away by ordinary chewing, REALLY can shield teeth from decay." The conventional wisdom has been that topical application of fluoride can help strengthen your enamel and help prevent decay. If that's now untrue, then the case against water fluoridation (the ingestion of fluoride) becomes even stronger than it ever has before. Pass this on to your poor, deluded dentist.

Tell him and every friend and relative that there's no doubt that ingesting fluoride has no beneficial effect on your teeth. In fact, there's overwhelming evidence indicating that fluoride is a potent toxin that can cause a wide array of severe health problems once ingested, especially in children. Another new study shows that exposure to fluoride lowers children's intelligence. It reported that "about 28% of children in the low-fluoride region scored as bright, normal or higher intelligence compared to only 8 % in the high-fluoride region...a high-fluoride city, as well as 15% had scores indicating mental retardation and with only 6% in the low-fluoride city."

Amazingly there are only eight countries in the entire developed world stupid enough to fluoridate more than 50% of there water supply. They are the United States, Australia, Columbia, Ireland, Israel, Malaysia, Singapore and New Zealand. Mainland Europe is not fluoridated, and yet, according to the World Health Organization data, their teeth are just as good, if not better than the "stupid eight". In addition to this study, there are 23 more studies done in different countries which indicate that even moderate exposure to fluoride lowers IQ in children.

The Way I See It....with millions of children being exposed unnecessarily to this neurotoxin on a daily basis, who in their right mind would risk lowering their child's intelligence and success in life in order to reduce a small amount of tooth decay, after reading this evidence. I have seen studies showing fluoride can accumulate in your body and can, over time, besides brain damage & dementia lead to lowered Thyroid function, Immune system inhibition, Bone fractures and cancer and Sperm damage (with associated infertility).

What gets me angry, because NO WHERE in these fluoridated countries has any public Health Department or Dental Association come out and warned parents not to use fluoridated tap water to make infant formula! It's down-right criminal and these agencies that promote fluoridation should be made to answer, in light of this new damming evidence, to an enraged public. It's time you and your family and friends stand up and join an anti-fluoridation group in your area or at least spend the money to get a reverse osmosis system for your residence. Also don't allow your children to use soft drinks as a substitute for fluoridated water, as it is also unhealthy to young, growing bodies due to the High Fructose Corn Syrup.

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