Monday, November 22, 2010

Appeasement Wasn't in JFK's Vocabulary

On the forty-seventh anniversary of John F. Kennedy's assassination it's fitting to compare him with the present President of the United States. Especially since Barack Hussein Obama has said a number of times, besides Abraham Lincoln, he emulates himself with Kennedy's presidency. Yes.....their youthfulness, dynamic speaking ability and a general likability are the common denominator of the two but the similarity ends there. John F. Kennedy was not an appeaser!

Winston Churchill, who had to wear the consequences of Neville Chamberlain's appeasement of Adolf Hitler in 1939, said this about appeasing: "An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last." Europe paid a terrible price for that appeasement. In 1962, JFK stood up to the Russians and blockaded Cuba from receiving their missiles and technicians. It put the world on the brink of war but to defend his country from this threat appeasement was not an option, he was prepared to put American safety on the line. The Russians "blinked" and the rest is history. A fitting legacy of patriotic leadership.

Now in this current time, enacting the policy of appeasement was in fact embodied in the most recent international trip of President Barack Obama. One would think that it would be possible to become accustomed to the humiliation Obama causes the United States everywhere he goes to represent it, every time he speaks in its behalf and every place he is accompanied by his wife. But in this trip to the East and the Muslim world, he surpasses even himself in shameful behavior. His constant fulsome praise of the world of Islam was on overdrive; I don't think that even the Muslim world regards itself as highly as Obama regards it.

What Obama did on this trip was a classic demonstration of appeasement of the enemy. Despite the fact that Muslims worldwide have sworn in innumerable ways, and in innumerable venues, to destroy the West, Obama feels that the U.S. of A. must make accommodation of any and all kinds to the Muslim world. He is not satisfied just to praise Muslims for the greatness of their accomplishments, he feels he must also denigrate the nation he was elected to lead at the same time. This President thus magnifies the national weakness that he projects worldwide by his behavior and his words, thus making the strongest nation on earth, appear a toothless, witless, ineffectual tiger. And Obama knows full well what he is doing.

He is working feverishly in these continuing efforts to destroy American sovereignty by always choosing Globalism over the interest of the country he purports to lead. Obama has spent the entirety of this shameful trip gleefully reporting on America's decline in as many ways as he can have fitted on his teleprompter. If Obama were only capable of saying a fraction of the wonderful things about his own country that he says about all these nations of the so-called "emerging world", well then, I guess he wouldn't be the Barack Hussein Obama, the President the Americans have come to know and NOT love.

The Way I See It....there is a consequence of accepting the appeasement of the enemy as national foreign policy. At this point, the world of Americas friends and enemies knows what President Obama is made of, and it is the opposite of the patriotism, determination, grit and brilliance displayed both by Winston Churchill and John Fitzgerald Kennedy. What is even more remarkable is that Obama makes any and all accommodation and capitulation to his enemies without anything being achieved or even asked for in return. But his every action and words make it blindingly obvious on this trip that he demonstrates his loathing and contempt for the nation he leads which plays into and harmonizes so well with the loathing and contempt felt by the Muslim world, giving them encouragement to further their efforts to continue their Jihad.

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