Monday, September 27, 2010

The Post-American Presidency

Presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama promised a post-partisan, post-racial presidency if elected. What the voters got was a third type of "post", one for which they clearly didn't bargain for. A new book, The Post-American Presidency by Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer argues that Obama's every move bespeaks a call to an old Soviet-style internationalism at the expense of his own country.

This book details Obama's radical roots, which the socialist press ignored, his consistent attempts to denigrate and degrade the U.S. as a super power and his uneasy ties to anti-Semitism. It's an exhaustive book, using the political record and encapsulates a President who hid his true self during the election campaign. He and his team purposely hid a gaggle of his personal records as well as academic and senatorial writings.

Obama's radicalism started long before he took the oath of office as a newly elected Illinios Senator. His anti-colonialist Kenyan father asserted a philosophy that demanded weak countries be strengthened at the expense of the strong. This is why Barack supported a Global Poverty Act that would've tied U.S. foreign aid to the UN's whim. "This is not your run-of-the-mill Marxiam. This would have been a redistribution of wealth on a global scale." say the authors. Obama's indoctrination into far-left precincts is covered in detail. We meet his associates, a rogues gallery of anti-American leftists,Communists and ratbag radicals who chummed around with Obama for decades (also outlined in a pre-election book entitled The Truth about Obama, ignored by the besotted public and ass-kissing press corps). None of these scum ever believed in the obvious truth of American Exceptionalism.

One can simply start with his Marxist mother and uncle, which Obama once called, "the dominant figures in my formative years." The stance toward Israel stems from his affection for race-driven philosophers and directly with his time (20 years) in the Rev Jermiah Wright's hate-filled church. Not only hearing over and over, "God Damn America!" but getting married there and having his spawn baptised there. All the while the media did their best to downplay Obama's radical ties.

Obama's stance toward Iran, a rogue regime building its own nuclear program, falls right in line with his inability to use American force, even soft power, in an effective manner. When many Iranian people rose up against their country's crooked elections, Obama said next to nothing to support them. The mullahs laughed, slaughtered some of the protesters, jailed many more and refueled their nuclear ambitions. "Iran is clearly emboldened by Barack's weakness, at the worst possible time for it to be emboldened," they write. "Obama believed that simply by showing the Iranians some love, he could persuade them to drop their genocidal bellicosity and join the ranks of the free, peace-loving nations." NOT!

The Way I See It....this President often leans on hard, cold fiction to support his naive international bent. He recast American history to let Islam take a greater part in it while the suppliant media remained silent. When the facts proved without a doubt that the Fort Hood Muslim shooter was motivated by radical Islam he couldn't bring himself or his administration to admit that reality to the American people. His weakness to the Islamic threat matters. Just consider the spate of attempted terrorist attacks in the past year a sign that the jihadist's see Americans, from their President down, as unsure of themselves. This no-holds barred informative book spells out Obama's radicalism in black and white for all to see....and fear. Let's hope he becomes a one term President like that equally vacillating dead-shit Jimmy Carter!

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