Monday, August 30, 2010

You'd Have "Stolen" Too !

In 2008, one of the first acts the newly-elected Prime Minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd, did was stand before Parliament and make speech that said "SORRY" to the Stolen Generation. He and his leftist Labor government bought into the fabrication of Aboriginal history and the work of the missionaries by white. bleeding-heart, anti-establishment historians like Anna Haebich and Christine Choo. The missionaries were viewed as having worked in tandem with the government authorities to grab half-caste girls from their parents to be "whited-out" and Christianized. To this end they were demonized and reportedly encouraged families and pressured them to send these children to their care. The real truth of their benevolent mission was maliciously twisted to become our generation's guilt-trip.

Here's a few examples of what actually worried the missionaries and made them take action:

  • A local telegraph operator had reported that "a 5 year-old half-caste girl was out with an old woman when a bush black took her away for two nights during which time the black woman said he made use of her. A very common practice I hear."
  • In 1900, a postmaster reported how girls under 10 years had been cohabiting with Asiatics for many months. He said, "Half-caste girls commanded the best prices and enabled the mother and so-called father to live without any exertion whatsoever on the proceeds of tucker they received fortnightly where 20-40 boats come in for water."
  • In 1929 in W.A., Pallotine monks were appalled by families prostituting their daughters.They commented that "one couple had been trafficking with their young daughter in a big way, she had to go wherever her father told her. If only we had Nuns here, she and the other girls could be saved from this life of perdition!"
  • In 1904, one graphic account from a postmaster reported that he saw more 50 young females mating with Asian crews at Cowen Creek mooring grounds. He complained that was just one of many such mooring grounds and that VD was rampant.
  • Also boys of 10-12 were being lured or forced onto Malay pearling boats for sexual use.
The missionaries, far from being obsessed with "stealing" children, were in fact obsessed for decades with the health crisis and amoral behavior of the Aboriginals (nothing seems to have changed). The mission stations rather than the state governments took the lead in rescuing young girls from sexual squalor and early death. These reprehensible historians sneered at the missionaries for trying to enforce their ideas of gentility onto the children, including modesty, cleanliness and self esteem as the sign of cultural genocide. Keith Windschuttle in his book, "The Fabrication of Aboriginal History" comments that in reality the "missionaries had no power whatsoever to force Aborigines to come to their missions and stay there. It is very difficult to reconcile this reality with the purported objective of eliminating the Aboriginal race." Windshuttle concludes that the missions also did a far better job than the state officials did.

The Way I See It....the missions and the hard working missionaries educated children to a good primary standard and rescued many females from horrific sexual fates. They lifted health standards and saved many Aborigines from dysentery, venereal disease and other health related diseases. The notion that to accomplish these ends they contributed to the Stolen Generations is manifestly untrue and the historians who make such a claim should be repudiated and not be believed.

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