Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Oliver Stoned on Hugo !

While Venezuelan media outlets that criticize Hugo Chavez's regime get the duct tape treatment, Oliver Stone is out seeking to promote a movie that lionizes the autocrat. The increasingly leftist filmmaker just can't seem to shake his "Thug-Love" having already wasted money on the productions of Fidel Castro and Yasser Arafat flicks. Now he's got a documentary called, "South of the Border" that heralds Hugo as well as 6 other South American socialist leaders.

"None of them are Dictators" says Oliver, looking unashamedly more like a South-of-the-Border dictator himself. His co-lover of Banana Republics, Sean Penn, is obviously delighted with Hugo being the main feature of the film. Penn has repeatedly praised Hugo for his anti-American stance and tight-fisted control of any complaints from his citizens. Sick little bastard.

Stone has been on tour of Latin America, on a marketing campaign for his film. Surprise, surprise--the beleaguered citizens of Venezuela decided not to show up to watch the whitewash of their so-called president. Many of the theaters were reportedly EMPTY! During the first 12 days of the movie's release, it brought in only $18,601 on 20 screens. That's what Venezuelans refer to as "la Bomba".

Venezuelans have been force-fed a steady diet of Chavez's mug on TV, which makes Hugo (the despot) more overexposed than Pamela Anderson doing the rumba on "Dancing with the Stars". Stone and the Hollywood leftist sympathizers of these dictatorial Pond Scum should reacquaint themselves with the Declaration of Independence which categorically states: Authority is derived from the governed, not through control.

The way I see it....Stone shouldn't worry too much though. "South of the Border" is sure to be a big hit with Marxist professors, socialist union bosses and most of all with the anti-democratic apologists running the White House.

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