Sunday, March 28, 2010

Obama Can't See the Koran is a Killer!

President Obama's praise of Islam is putting America in danger! According to him the Koran promotes peace and tolerance for Muslims and non-Muslims. That is a dangerous misrepresentation of this inherently violent and undemocratic text....I know I've read it. I doubt if Obama or his cabinet cronies have read it because his public utterances exposes how his naive interpretation of the Koran actually encourages terrorism and anti-American sentiment---putting us at greater risk for another terrorist attack.

After studying the Koran and cutting through the jungle (and jumble) of disconnected chapters I found the over 400 shocking decrees to hate, maim and kill Jews and Christians. Also, the other religions will fare even worse in what the Muslims want to do to them to guarantee Muslim world supremacy. Of course it's all Allah's fault for saying these things in the form of delusional ravings by the angel Gabrielle that Muhammad had from the age of 40 that were written down and eventually became the Koren.

In reading Muhammad's biography you see the mean streak come out gradually as he wanders around Arabia telling villagers he's the new (improved & better) prophet of God (Allah). After he is completely rebuffed and fobbed off by the pagans, polytheists, Christian and Jewish villagers he conveniently gets a fresh vision that tells him "to strive hard (jahidi, a verbal form of the noun jihad) against the unbelievers and be firm against them. Their abode is Hell, an evil refuge indeed" So he attacks them with a large group of believers (booty-loving thugs) and subjugates people all across Arabia and each time he makes the survivors an offer they can't refuse:
1) Believe in me and follow Allah's teachings I have brought to you and you will live.
2) Continue to believe in your God but you will pay an Infidel's Tax (jizya) to live as dhimmis in your newly conquered village/town as a way of "showing your submission and obedience".
3) And if that's still not to your will be killed!

As Muhammad and his new found believers grew in strength the Koran now directed Muslims explicitly to make war against and subjugate Jews and Christians further afield. "Allah commanded His messenger to fight the People of the Scriptures (Jews & Christians) and he prepared his army to fight the Romans (Byzantines) and calling His people to Jihad". This great empire the Muslims would chip away at for centuries and ultimately destroy. They got as far as Spain and the gates of Vienna before Pope Urban, in 1095, finally said "enough is enough" and started the first of seven Crusades over 200 years that ousted them and their nasty religion out of Europe. Once again, the Bible would reign supreme as the source of the Western ideas of love, charity, justice and reason.

The way I see it...if our governing officials and media spokesmen continue to be so Politically Correct and ignore my warnings to speak out against the Koran's teachings and what's taught in our country's mosques, they do so at their own risk. These Islamic jihadists are not ignoring what's in the Koran, and are working to destroy our freedoms in obedience to Koranic dictates. So when Obama is seen on world-wide television genuflecting in front of a Saudi Arabian ruler, as he did last year, he is giving a clear encouragement to every Muslim not to respect him or what the United States stands for and emboldening the radicals and their moderate Muslim sympathizers (found in every Western country), to further acts of hate and terror in hoping to bring down the West. More on this later.

Note: I recommend you get and read The Complete Infidel's Guide to the Koran by Robert Spencer: Regnery Publishers

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