Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Ugly Face of ''Moderate'' Muslims in Australia

by Larry Pickering (cartoonist, political commentator and satirist)   (
Larry Pickering

The vast majority of Australians are confounded as to why their politicians are failing to apportion blame to the teachings of Islam. Well, there are two reasons why and both are fast wearing thin.
The first is an electoral one. Islam has been able to skew up to 20 Federal seats in Labor’s favour and Prime Minister Tony Abbott's Coalition is fearful of their success in more elections to come. 

Why is Bill Shorten’s Australian Labor Party (ALP) of preference for Islam?  That’s an easy one; lots of social benefits that’ll keep them happy, loyal voters with only a blind eye to watch them. 

Muslims are mostly unemployable, they pray five times a day, take Friday arvos off to listen to Mullahs promote our demise and have made an art-form of rorting welfare systems world-wide. This leaves them with plenty of time on their hands to plot their hosts’ destruction. 

I heard of a recent investigation by Centrelink, in Brisbane’s western suburbs, that was positively shocking but nicely resolved by snaring lawyers from the local office of Shine Lawyers that were holding meetings and giving legal advice to the local Muslim community on how to maximize their welfare benefits. Here is the modus operandi that these legal ‘’traitors’’ were instilling into our welcomed immigrants: 

First thing a Muslim immigrant does on arrival is call the local friendly Islamic doctor and got himself on a disability pension. His disability is usually no more an aversion to work. Then he needed to get his wives and nine kids here, family reunions are an Islamic gold mine. 

Now he needs to apply for housing somewhere near all the other Muslim families and this is where it gets interesting. The mother(s) of his kids apply to Child Welfare authorities complaining of not being able to care for the children and she needs assistance, but she has this terrific idea... “there’s  a lady up the road who
would make a wonderful carer, and guess what? She is my sister and she already knows the children.”  You can’t get better than that eh? 

So now, on paper at least, the sister up the road is bedevilled by 18 kids and needs to offload 9 of them so she complains to child welfare that she too can’t cope, “but there’s another lady up the road who would make a wonderful carer....”. Get the idea?  I mean the Government hands over $200 per child, per week, in this merry-go-round of welfare fraud and everyone’s happy. 

By the time this scam goes up and down just one western Sydney or Brisbane street there are financially secure Islamic families everywhere, and all on a total of at least $3,000 a week! Why wouldn’t Australia be their port of preference? 

But why aren’t they always caught defrauding the system? Well, that has a simple answer too. They swap their cars and swap their names... Muslims have multiple names to defraud authorities anyway. And if the authorities try to clamp down on the scam there’s always a friendly Islam sympathetic solicitor who will recommend some free legal aid. In the meantime nothing has changed in the street except the level of social benefits has skyrocketed. 

The Federal welfare budget on these thieves has now exploded at the expense of needy Aussies. 

The other reason politicians fail to blame Islam is that the last thing they want is to get mainstream Islam offside. They hope to get “moderate” Muslims to cooperate in catching “radical” Muslims. How naive. How bloody stupid! How damned dangerous! This infection of Political Correctness in our society has to STOP !  Stop this denial of reality. Let them know our Judeo-Christian heritage is not going to turn-the-other-cheek anymore and if you can’t be an honest, law-abiding citizen….as John Howard said, "Get Out!!'' 

The most radical of Muslims are their leaders. Muslims will never integrate….it’s in the Qur’an.  We can keep trying to ignore their ‘’jihad-by-stealth’’ until we get it overwhelmed or get misled by some “appeasement chatter” by the media and by then it’s too late. 

The Way Larry Sees It…..we can refuse to learn from the Islamic disasters in France, Belgium, the UK and the Netherlands, or we can do something about the scourge now. 

1.      Stop building mosques.

2.       Stop Islamic immigration.

3.       Ban insidious Sharia law.

4.       Stop the welfare rorts.

5.       Arrest those who incite violence.

6.       Stop the Halal certification extortion racket that finances their terrorist activities and,

7.       Stop the PC and 18C nonsense that exhibits our weakness and emboldens Islam’s worst. 

Australians in general are not rednecks but we are well and truly over it. We want our leaders to act like leaders before we see an ISIS, or IS flag hanging from Australian flagpoles and Aussie heads on fences.



  1. My sentiments exactly. This is why I voted for Pauline

  2. Extremely well put Larry, we have all had it up to here!!

  3. If this is true then we simply need to formally request accurate stats via the freedom of information. Then identify if the results demonstrate an irregular result when compared across the balance of the community and formally request an explanation. Fraud like this needs to be exposed if it is really happening. If this is propaganda to promote disunity then it also need to be stopped. Less talk and more accurate action. Surely a student could deliver the results as part of a study assignment and publish the results to all M.P. Then publish it on Face book with a request for a public response to ensure it is not covered up. It would develop the student’s skills and launch the student in to the work place as the reward.

    1. Yes, someone please do this investigation. I do not like to be told by my grandchildren that I believe propaganda.

  4. Totally agree with you Larry, but you forgot the most important point - Stop welfare/ government payments. This is why they come here! Any other immigrant has to proved that they can support themselves and jump through unattainable hoops, and will be rejected if they don't have this.

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  6. Even though, the Australian voters have given the left side of politics the well deserved rough end of a Queensland pineapple, these political correct loony aplogists from the leftist intelligentsia would rather poke themselves in the eye with a fork in preference to seeing the truth.

  7. could you do some drawing of you know who

  8. You have listed the most simplest of ways to allay the concerns of Australians Larry. Why is it so fucking hard for the Politicians et al to do the same. History is a wonderful thing.............. in the hand of those that learn from it. The rest are merely condemned to repeat it, this time with the friendly assistance of the left wing nutters. How easily people dismiss the 20 something Islamists in jail for planning to carry out terrorist attacks. Imagine what would happen if they got through the net. On that note, I believe something will eventually happen, they are not rocket scientists, but then again neither are rats or foxes and they manage to get into the hen house easily enough.

  9. 8. Get 'em out ! . . . an orderly departure, to be sure, with resettlement expenses, and proceeds of sale of their assets. Better than the very uncivil war that they are planning for us, after which the hundreds of WW 1 monuments get toppled over.

    Send 'em all to Israel, the cause of all terror, all bombings, all massacres, around the world.

  10. Finally some mainstream media who get it!! Am I racist - No., Islam is not a race. Am I islamphobic - your damn right I am. Islam phobia - Fear of our country becoming Islamic. Why do the Politians ignore the Caliphate. They have declared war on us so we have good reason to be fearful. The war they wage is by stealth.

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