Saturday, November 22, 2014

Oh....What a Terrible Web We Weave.......

Let's get real here....ground troops will eventually be needed to wipe out the Islamic State but what then? As long as the West fails to understand Islam's evil it will continue to fail to combat the worst of its atrocities; more beheadings, rapings and women and girls sold into slavery. Shias and
Sunnis are Islamic just as Catholics and Protestants are Christian and regime change in Iraq from Sunni to Shia presents exactly the same problem but from a different direction.

Barack Obama hasn’t figured it out yet. The last war between Iran and Iraq was a Sunni/Shia war. Their systemic hatred of each other led to Iraq using ballistic missiles to shower chemical poisons on Tehran and Iran to use children to clear mine fields by forcing them to run ahead of their tanks.

Iraq held weapons superiority over Iran due to Western loans of $80 billion but Iran’s tactical superiority levelled the playing field to a stalemate after eight years and millions dead.

With this conflict as a background the US defeated the Sunni Ba’athist Party power structure of Saddam Hussein and left a Shia, al-Maliki, in charge with the help of a southern Shia majority. A foreseeable disaster to everyone, except the US.

Undeterred, the US has now endorsed yet another Shia, Prime Minister Hadir al-Abidi, (photo left) to replace the non-inclusive al-Maliki. And guess what! The Iranians have also endorsed the new Shia PM and have been crossing their borders to help fight their old enemy the Sunnis, who in retaliation to the regime change have now become the Islamic State.

Of course the disenfranchised Sunnis in the north have joined ISIS and the Shia military are being summarily executed or have dropped their guns and are running for their lives while trying to change uniforms.[How does ISIS identify Sunni from Shia? Easy, they are told to pray. Sunnis and Shia pray to Allah differently and those exposed as Shia are immediately confined to mass graves.]

But hang on, Iran is the enemy of the US, it plans to wipe Israel off the map, so WTF is it doing helping the US defeat ISIS when Iran itself is the subject of vicious US sanctions over its nuclear capacity, likely to be knocked out again by the Israelis backed by the US?

Obama, scratching his self-imposed grey hair, has now written a series of appreciative letters to Tehran welcoming their involvement. (Although the exact content of the letters remains classified.)
And now the other arch enemy of the US, Syria’s Assad, might also be checking his letter box, because he too is helping to kill Islamic State fighters, while US ally, Turkey, refuses to take sides.
It’s really tough having an ally like the US. It insists on Middle East intervention when it has no concept of the consequences. Intelligence is lacking both on the ground and in the heads of the CIA and military brass.

“Al-Qaeda has been all but destroyed”, said Barack, (who was actually training and supplying arms to the ISIS, via the CIA, to defeat Assad) but Al-Qaeda is alive and well, fragmented and more dangerous, under a dozen different names in north Africa, including the Khorosan who now operates in Raqqa, northern Syria, with the ISIS. Excuse the language but what a fucking mess.

But nowhere near the debacle yet to be confronted in Afghanistan once the US departs that little incendiary cesspit. Despicable Shariah Law will certainly be reimposed by the patient Taliban who will make the ISIS onslaught look like a Sunday school picnic, with the support of northern Pakistan.

The Way I See It.....the one consistent thread weaving its way through Middle East conflicts is Islam and the quickest way to get it here is to get involved there.  But it is already here and the quickest way to embolden it is to appease it!  And that’s exactly what Western countries are doing.

And that's the rub. One can't help but look at the current ad hoc, half-hearted effort against ISIS without thinking that the goal isn't really beating ISIS, but beating back bad press. It's a policy built around keeping the lid on public criticism -- at least until the President has cleaned out his desk in the Oval Office.

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